Tired of simply straightening your hair using your Lionesse flat iron? Looking to experiment with curling your hair, but not ready to invest on a curling iron yet? Want to see what else you can use your flat iron for?

If so, this is the Lionesse article for you!

You may not know it, but there are actually tons of other ways in which you can utilize your flat iron. You can use it to curl your hair or to style it in other ways! There are several versatile flat irons out there, like the flat irons available here at Lionesse, that are perfect for creating different types of curls.

If you want to know how to curl your hair using the Lionesse flat iron, keep reading! We’ll also be throwing in some extra tips on how to effectively curl your hair using a flat iron.

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Decide What Type of Curls You Want

Before you can proceed to curl your hair, you have to know what kind of curls you want. There are a plethora of options to choose from, and they also vary in the difficulty and effort required to achieve them. The one thing that they have in common is that they can all be created with a Lionesse flat iron

Whether you’re going to be using the Silk Aquamarine flat iron from Lionesse or the Lionesse Ceramic Purple, these are some of the curls that you’ll be able to create:

  • Beach waves
  • S-waves
  • Modern crimp waves
  • Big curls

Of course, once you become an expert at curling your hair using your Lionesse flat iron, you can start experimenting as well.

Once you try out patterns for yourself, you’ll find out that there are curl patterns that work best for you that you may achieve all on your own. It’s really all about looking for what style and technique complement your hair best!

Prepare the Tools That You’ll Be Needing to Curl Your Hair

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Your hair styling experience will be such a mess if you don’t prepare the tools, products, and other necessary equipment you will be needing beforehand. To minimize possible issues that will arise as you try to curl your hair, it’s best to organize the items you will be needing before proceeding to start. This way, your curling experience will be seamless and worry-free!

For reference, here are a few products you may want to get:

Hairbrush and/or Comb

Before you even get to curl your hair, you must ensure that it’s completely tangle-free. To do this, using a detangling brush may be your best bet. That way, you won’t have any issues as you experiment with curling your hair!

Alternatively, you can opt for a fine-toothed comb to detangle your hair. This may take a longer time, though, so be prepared for that! A comb is also handy when it comes to sectioning your hair, so make sure to get one.

Lionesse Flat Iron

You can’t curl your hair without your Lionesse flat iron, so of course, this is one of the materials you’ll have to prep. If you’re still shopping for a flat iron, the Onyx Ceramic has 100% ceramic plates, making it a fantastic investment. 

Make sure that your flat iron is properly plugged in, and is set to the desired temperature.

Heat Protectant

Before using heat to style your hair, applying a heat protectant is a must. This step is non-negotiable, so you better not skimp out on your heat protectant! This ensures that your hair won’t get damaged and dried out by your flat iron.

Before you even decide to curl your hair, double-check that you have enough product to protect your hair against the heat, first!

Hair Clips

To effectively curl your hair, you’ll be needing to part it into different sections to help you cover all parts of your hair effectively and efficiently. Hair clips are crucial in ensuring your hair can be sectioned properly. Keep a few clips on hand to make your curling experience an easier one.


You’ll definitely be needing to spritz some hairspray on your hair to make it hold longer. This will certainly provide a finishing touch to your look, so don’t forget to get one. Otherwise, you’ll find your curls falling in no time!

Other Hair Products of Choice

Feel free to apply other products to your hair after curling. For instance, you may go with dry shampoo for more depth and volume, or with anti-frizz serums for shinier, silkier. The Lionesse Hair Serum is a great one to try! 

Wash and Dry Your Hair

Lionesse shampoo and conditioner

Before you start curling your hair, make sure it’s clean and dry. The Nourishing & Moisturizing Shampoo and the Nourishing & Moisturizing Conditioner from Lionesse will get your hair into perfect shape for taking on beautiful curls. 

However, once you’re done, make sure that you wait for your hair to fully dry before you get curling.

Using a straightening iron on wet or damp hair risks burning your hair. If it won’t burn your hair, it certainly won’t work anyway, given the difficulty of styling wet hair.

Apply a Heat Protectant

Again, using a heat protectant is a crucial step you have to do before you style your hair. Constantly subjecting your hair to heat can risk damaging it, especially at the temperatures flat irons work at. The Lionesse flat iron, though gentle on the hair, can still go as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Hence, the least you can do is protect your hair each time you style it. This provides a barrier between your hair and the heat, which buffers the damage your hair can take from the heat of the iron.

Part Your Hair into Sections

You’ll find that parting your hair into sections can make the curling process so much easier! It gives structure to how you will go about curling your hair, and also ensures you can curl all of your hair.

It’s best to start curling the area near the nape of your neck, and then work on one side next (right or left), working your way towards the hairs closest to your face. Of course, as you get used to curling the hair, you’ll find out what’s easiest for you.

Start Curling

Woman curling hair with flat iron

If you’re a beginner at using a flat iron for curling the hair, it’s best to start with the basics — knowing how to achieve curls using your tools. To do this, there are two motions you can follow: flicks and curls.

  • Flicks are achieved through simple half-turns of your flat iron. To try this out, simply start halfway down the length of your hair, clamp the iron, and then turn it back using a half-turn. Then, keeping this position, slide down the iron down the length of your hair shaft.
    Remember: moving your iron faster will result in gentler, smaller waves. To get big, soft waves, best slow down when using the iron.
  • You can get curls by starting close to the scalp (but be careful not to get too close and burn your scalp!) and then clamping your iron close, and then turning it back on itself in a half turn. You can also keep rolling the iron as you go down the length of your hair shaft for more curls.

Once you get to learn these techniques, you can start off with simpler curls, like beach waves or s-waves, to fully grasp the practice of curling your hair using a flat iron. Afterwards, you can move on to more intricate designs, and even to experimenting on your own.

Set Your Hair Using a Hairspray and Other Styling Products

To finish your look, definitely apply a hairspray! You may want to run your fingers through your hair post-curling for a more natural look, and then set it with hairspray to help the curls hold throughout the day.

If you want to use more products, feel free to do so! You can use dry shampoo for more volume and depth, or a hair serum like the Lionesse Hair Serum for extra shine.

How Do Flat Irons Actually Work?

To understand how flat irons can style the hair, we need to talk about the hair’s structure.

Each hair strand is attached to a hair follicle—also called the hair root. These follicles are what anchor the hair to the scalp. They also determine the shape of the hair strand that will develop from there—for instance, if your hair follicle is oval, your hair strand will likely be wavy or curly. Your hair follicles determine what kind of hair you will have.

That’s because he hair strand, also called the hair shaft, develops from the hair bulb at the base of the follicle. Each hair strand is composed of proteins called keratin and melanin, along with a trace amount of other elements.

What hair stylers do is to temporarily alter the hydrogen molecular bonds that hold together the keratin in each hair strand, through the use of heat. By doing so, hair strands become easier to rearrange—this is what allows them to be styled differently, be it through straightening the hair or creating curls.

However, as you know, these hairstyles are temporary, since the hydrogen bonds will return to their original state after some time.

The Lionesse Flat Irons, although primarily designed to straighten the hair, can also curl it following this principle. After a temperature threshold is reached, hair can be curled or straightened all the same through this flat iron.

That’s why, so long as you know the correct technique to curl your hair the way you want it to, your Lionesse Flat Iron can certainly do the job for you!

What Makes the Lionesse Flat Iron Special?

Lionesse flat iron

So, what makes the Lionesse flat iron selection a great option for styling the hair?

The Lionesse flat irons have the perfect width for styling the hair. They are 1.25 inches wide, making them a versatile choice in either curling the hair or straightening it. Additionally, these irons are convenient to use — they heat up pretty quickly, at temperatures ranging from 180 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can style your hair readily.

It’s also easy to use, with over 4 feet of swivel cord, ensuring you have plenty of room to room around while using the iron. That way, you also don’t have to worry about hurting yourself in the process! The Lionesse flat iron’s dual voltage system also keeps you safe during travel—you won’t have to worry about using it anytime, anywhere.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The Lionesse flat irons utilize negative ion technology—a process that reduces positive ions in the hair, which are responsible for causing frizzing. Through this technology, your hair will be silky smooth, without the telltale frizz associated with heat damage from too much styling.

These flat irons are also made from floating ceramic plates, which are proven to retain heat exceptionally well. These plates also contribute to making the hair silkier and frizz-free!

The Lionesse flat irons also come in a variety of colors for your aesthetic pleasure. These come in white, black, blue, pink, and purple, so you can have your favorite straightening iron in your favorite color. These variants are also suitable for all hair types, so go enjoy styling your hair to your heart’s benefit.

Get ready to unleash your styling creativity using any of these trusty Lionesse flat irons! There’s no limit in terms of the styles you can try — and you won’t have to worry about damaging your hair in the process.