Lionesse is a world renowned beauty brand known for offering users quality, high-end, luxurious beauty products created to fit everyday needs. From exceptional hair care and hair tools that tend to daily hair needs; to the powerfully deluxe and unique blends of the Lionesse Gem skin care line; Lionesse offers top of the line, luscious products to help beautify and empower anyone from the inside out, ultimately revealing a more alluring, bold, fierce lioness comfortable in their own skin.

The Beginning
The Lionesse beauty brand began as a beauty bar concept back in 2013. In preparation for any event, special or casual, both women and men are welcome to visit any Lionesse Beauty Bar location where they are given the star treatment from the moment they walk in. Depending on needs, trained experts can then recreate specific beauty looks or provide skin care consultations catered to your personal needs.

Each Lionesse Beauty Bar location offers a unique and inviting ambiance allowing our professionals to educate women and men about their skin and the importance of radiating beauty from the inside out. Through the many consultations and skin care inquiries, the brand evolved and began to focus more on skin care offerings than beauty and hair.

Lionesse Gem
In order to refocus and realign the Lionesse Beauty Bar brand with the prominent importance of beauty from the inside out, Lionesse Beauty Bar transformed to simply Lionesse. Original Lionesse skin care products were then refined and perfected to create what is now known as Lionesse’s luxury skin care line, Lionesse Gem. Infused with precious gemstones that harness restorative powers on the skin, Lionesse Gem is the brand’s most indulgent skin care experience.