Woman sleeping

Here’s the thing… we all want that flawless, gorgeous skin and if we’re honest most of us are doing everything we can to chase achieving it.  You probably use some skincare products and have some sort of a skincare routine but you may still be left feeling like something is just not working with getting your skin to that next level of flawlessness.  You’re not alone!  Most of us have felt frustration around our skin and felt like it’s almost hopeless to even achieve the skin you want.  If this sounds like you, keep reading because we’re sharing why your skin loves it when you sleep – and what that has to do with your skin’s appearance!

Tired Appearance
Ever had that off day when people around you keep asking you whether you’re feeling ok or whether you’re tired? Increased signs of aging aren’t the only skincare struggles that can be a result of not getting enough sleep.  If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll likely notice that you’re developing puffy under eyes, redness, and dark circles… just to name a few.  Because our bodies aren’t getting that opportunity for repair, our skin begins to suffer in many different ways and this starts showing up on our skin.

Recovery Time
Ok, so here’s the real deal… when we sleep our bodies work to repair themselves.  Ever notice when you barely slept your skin just looks ‘off’ or even lackluster?  It’s because your body didn’t get the opportunity to repair itself.  Research has even found that not getting enough sleep over time can lead to increased signs of aging.  Getting proper sleep has been found to help give your body that recovery time it needs to repair itself, allowing your skin to appear much clearer and younger!

Deeper Effects
While your skin is going to suffer from lack of sleep in more immediate ways, our bodies begin to be deeply affected in other ways that can also negatively impact our skin.  Experts have found that this is particularly true when it comes to our body cells (especially skin cells) and even our DNA.  Because of the deeper effects lack of sleep can cause, it can make changes to your biological aging in ways that you don’t want to happen.

So what does all of this information tell us?  Our skin really loves it when we sleep.  Seriously though, the negative effects that lack of sleep has on our skin are pretty intense.  It makes sense that when we don’t get enough sleep we notice changes instantly in our skin’s appearance.  This means it’s time to start making getting sleep a major priority in your life, if it isn’t already.  Not only can lack of sleep affect your body’s health, it can also impact your skin in more serious ways.