Why does Lionesse love fall? Read on

Get Creative!

Before we tackle the fall fashion trends, let’s first talk about that classic fall time activity: crafting! As we spend more and more time inside, we’ve got to fill our time with something, and what better way to do that than making some great fall themed crafts? Of course the most beloved (and the messiest) of these would be pumpkin carving. This year, instead of a regular Jack-O-Lantern, try something creative with your carving – Minion Pumpkins are the rage this year! There are tons of patterns available out there, or you can be creative and make up your own design.

If you have a bowl in your home that is usually reserved for pine cones in the winter, you might want to break it out early and fill it with this creative craft: Head outside once the acorns start falling and gather up a bunch of the nuts. Buy some acrylic paints in great fall colors and paint the bottoms in different colors. You can fill up your centerpiece bowl with them for a truly unique look. You can also decorate your house with other things like dried leaves, flowers, and corn stalks, small squash, crab apple branches, and more. Vintage and rustic DIY is in now!

Fall Fashion

Now as far as fashion goes, the name of the game is colors, and layers. Rather than thinking of jackets and sweaters as a drag and a reminder of the cold weather to come, think of them as an opportunity to add to your outfits in the fall months. Jean jackets, big wool sweaters, warm flannel shirts, just thinking of these outfits should make you excited. Check out some of the slimmer, long sleeved, draped sweaters with elbow accents.

As the season’s colors change, think about subtle changes to your wardrobe and look, which can include makeup and nail polish colors as well. Instead of the bright colors you usually paint your nails in the summer, tone it down with some duller hues that better match the season- go for grays, dark oranges, deep reds, and nudes.

Now is also a great time to bring out the variety of boots you’ve been hiding in your closet all summer.  Quilted boots are the “it” boot this fall, go short or medium height in this style. You’ve gotta keep those feet warm and dry when walking through the leaves!