Leave it to social media to give us makeup trends and looks that completely catch us off guard. Ever since the rise in popularity of the winged liner, it seems like beauty gurus keep pushing the boundaries giving us really unique ways to wear makeup… especially eyeliner. While most of us tend to wear our eyeliner in the same 1-2 ways, these makeup experts really are showing what eyeliner can do. Multiple eyeliner colors, or eyeliner stacking is in – before you wonder what that is, we’re going to share exactly what it is!

What is Eyeliner Stacking?
Essentially what eyeliner stacking is, is wearing multiple colors of eyeliner at one time. Typically they’re applied one on top of the other on the eyelid just as you do normal eyeliner. However, with stacked eyeliner you’re typically going to have a wider eyeliner look overall because you’re applying multiple eyeliner colors to the lid. It’s a really fun way to add some bold, drama to your makeup look and it’s actually not that difficult of a look to achieve.

Get the Proper Products
For this look, experts suggest keeping the rest of your lid neutral – that means not even applying any eyeshadow. But you do need to add a primer to your eye to keep the liner in place, just add a primer that’s colorless and won’t add any additional color to your lid. In addition, it’s suggested to use liners that don’t smudge or move around a lot – you’re going to want something that you can use to create sharp, distinct lines on your lid. Of course, just be sure to have the color liners that you want to use.

Start Applying the Liners
Once you’ve primed your eyelid, you can go ahead and get started with creating the stacked eyeliner look. First, you’ll apply a liner to just above the lash line just as you normally would apply an eyeliner. Typically, you’ll likely want to use a black or brown liner first to create that definition around your eye. Once you’ve applied your first eyeliner color, just go in and trace another line with a different color eyeliner just above the first color you applied to your eyelid. Of course, you’re going to want to apply this color as smooth and straight as possible.

It’s OK to Make Mistakes!
Listen, we don’t expect you to be Pablo Picasso over here applying eyeliner like a pro. And honestly, even the pros make mistakes sometimes too. The great news is the eyeliner isn’t permanent and you can fix any spots that aren’t perfectly straight. Experts suggest the best way to clean up any rough edges or lines with this eyeliner look is to take a clean angled eyeliner brush and apply a little makeup remover to the brush. Once the brush has some makeup remover, you can use it to go over and remove any of the lines that need a little fixing.