Have you ever stopped and thought about how many different makeup techniques, skincare options, and how your hair, skin, and nails actually work?  We got to thinking about everything that makes up makeup, beauty and so on and… there are some WEIRD trends to discuss.  So… that’s what we’re doing all week long!!

During weird week, we’re kicking things off by talking about peculiar epidermal facts.  It’s not often we talk about skin on a more scientific level.  Sure we share different skin care tips and techniques, but do you know a lot about what’s actually going on in your skin?  It’s empowering to know more about how your skin actually works, how it’s functioning and so on.  Which is why we’re diving into some peculiar epidermal facts on LionesseGem.com this week.

If you’re a makeup junkie, like so many of us are, you’ve probably tried a ton of different makeup trends.  Between social media sites like Instagram and YouTube it’s almost hard to keep up with all the makeup trends that are, well trending at the moment.  Since we’re all about weird things this week, we thought it would be fun to share some weird makeup trends to love.  You’re probably already familiar with some of the more common makeup trends, but why stop there?  Hop on over to Lionesse.org this week for the weird makeup trends you’re going to love.

Continuing with makeup (because who doesn’t love to chat about makeup?), on LionesseBeautyBar.org we’re getting real with you.  The thing about makeup is it’s definitely possible and rather easy to be a little over the top.  So where’s the line that crosses over?  We’re going to share how you can start avoiding garish eye makeup results.  Because we want you to look your ultimate best, and not have the makeup wearing you, but you wearing the makeup.

Have you ever considered (or worn) wearing a wig?  Between wigs and extensions, the concept of wearing hair in addition to your natural hair has quickly become more of the norm.  Recently, half wigs have become more of a thing.  Naturally, there are some rules and styling tricks that you should consider if you’re interested in half wigs.  This week on LionesseFlatIron.com we’re sharing rules for choosing and styling a half wig.

We couldn’t have a weird week without dishing on some wacky celeb skin care tips.  It always seems like celebs have the scoop on the latest and greatest… and even the wackiest.  But as wacky as they may be, we’re all probably a little more curious to find out what they are than we’d like to admit.  Come find out the weirdest skincare things they’re up to on LionesseBeautyBar.net.

Finally, we’re sharing some more weird info with you, but this time it’s about hair.  Did you know your hair has muscles?  If you’re shocked about this, you’re not going to want to miss all the details on LionesseFlatIron.org.  Knowledge is power – right?