Vintage shopping has always been a rare joy, when you find items that are truly one-of-a-kind, that seem to hold within them deep secrets connected to the pastimes of days gone by, and by somehow wearing them or using them gives you a heightened sense of life and how everything is connected, despite being separate. Vintage shopping is really hot in the world or current trends, and girls everywhere are scarfing up all of the amazing finds at boutiques and online like never before. There’s just something so wildly inherent contained within the thrilling chase that makes vintage shopping more of an intriguing way to shop than any other way. There are absolutely amazing treasure troves of vintage wealth all over, in little nooks and crannies and in multifarious boutiques–both the brick and mortar style and online. Here are some of the most popular places to get your old-time style going. Each offers its own special style of charm and customer satisfaction.

Laced with Romance, 1601 S. First St. Austin Texas

This incredible boutique offers vintage shoppers both online and in-store shopping. With a mesmerizing abundance of unique and romantic Victorian and old world pieces to wear mixed in with their intriguing Artisan collection of jewelry, this vintage merchant is the place to shop. With to die for ravishing yesteryear fashions in top shape, like elegant silk embroidered dusters in white, with wonderful hand embroidered pastel dusty roses, bell sleeves and silk lining. Soft, gauzy dresses from Victorian times that are so very delicate and sheer, featuring the trending midi length of the day. Skirts that were tiered and shoulders and that were eloquently pin-tucked. Ruffles, slouchy and articulate detailing that was befitting the finest fashions–Great Gatsby-style you can buy. Shop from their higher end vintage wear as well as their unique in-house line that is purposely made using vintage fabrics.

Feathers, 1700 B South Congress Ave. Austin Texas

With a lot of incredible artisan jewelry, this boutique specializes in carefully selected vintage wearables for both men and women, as well as many wonderful vintage home decor finds and gifting items. They offer their own line of re-worked vintage wear under their own label–Feathers Originals. They strive to make shopping exciting and affordable for everyone.

Hamlet’s Vintage, 46 West 4th St. New York, NY

This boutique is one of NYC’s finest and most popular vintage shopping destinations. Review after review from top sources have catapulted this amazing purveyor of old age finery to its top position. Well, that, and all of the lively fun the store is known to host, from action-packed fashion shows, parties and much more. They carry the whole caboodle, with everything vintage, from purses, bags, wallets and even luggage, to luxuriously detailed vintage dresses and shoes. Gloves, hats, jewelry and even vintage military! Vintage Wild Boys is the fun life of in-store men’s finds fashion shows that are truly a thrill-a-minute.

Silver Moon, 1721 West North Ave., #101, Chicago, Illinois

Silver Moon is Lincoln Park’s go-to destination for the most exquisite vintage and designer clothing in existence. Spanning from the year 1900 to the 1980s, the store proudly offers an amazing source of vintage dress finery for vintage-minded brides. If you shop the brick and mortar location, don’t be surprised if you see Steven Tyler or another celeb rocker.