Bride checking out her updo in the mirror before wedding

As you might have already guessed, the Lionesse theme for this week is “the updo”.  If there is one hairstyle that should never be overlooked by women, it is the updo. Updos took the world by the storm in the year 2012 and they still manage to surprise and delight women around the world. There have been numerous variations of the updo over the years, but it still manages to remain quite popular and authentic as ever.

The updo is particularly known to be ideal for women with long hair. Why? Well, it can help you take care of all that length in no time at all without compromising on your looks in any manner whatsoever. So whether you’re running late for a meeting or are in the mood to try out something easy, an updo can work wonders for your hair and your looks, particularly when the clock is running away from you.

They say that if you want a hairstyle that isn’t the useless ponytail, but still manages to keep the hair off your neck, your only option is to go for an updo. You might find these updos to be painstakingly difficult, but with the right tutelage and guidance, updos are surprisingly easy and refreshingly different. Updos can also offer you with an answer to all sorts of hair issues – whether you’re looking for something simple, something fancy or are just in a hurry. You can easily sport an updo at work and you can definitely wear them to a party.

To celebrate the updo theme, Lionesse tried to bring you the hottest and latest trends, tips, tricks and information that you need to learn how to master the art of creating a picture perfect updo.

This week brings you an exciting “Guide to Backcombing” that helps you to learn how to backcomb your hair and understand what to do in order to ensure that your style doesn’t fall flat in minutes. And since most hairstyles are based on backcombing, starting off your week with the Lionesse Guide to Backcombing could actually turn out to be a major game changer.

One of the articles that Lionesse is most excited about is the one appearing on “5 Updos You Can’t Live Without” is all about helping you master the best and most popular updo styles and also explaining how, when and why to sport each style. showcases an exciting article titled “Updos for Everyday” which shows you how you can look classy, even while sporting updos on a day-to-day basis. This article features some of the easiest and most casual ways to wear updos for your everyday routines and also explains how to carry off each style. brings you an extremely exciting article on “Anti-aging updos”. Reading this article helps you to understand how to avoid common mistakes that end up making you look older.

Finally, is scheduled to feature an article titled “Winter Wedding Updos”. With the wedding season just round the corner, there is just so much to look forward to. Although there are plenty of hairstyles to choose from this winter, the Lionesse Winter Wedding Updo Guide might just help you find something that looks classy and sexy at the same time.