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Fall is in full swing, and we’re always left wondering where the summer went but also feeling a little excited about the new trends and styles. With fashion and beauty, there are SO many tips, tricks and ideas it really could go on forever. We love sharing fun ideas and tricks with you because… it’s fun! The great part about these industries is they’re usually not permanent, so you really can just have fun and express yourself with them.

This week, we’re getting things started by chatting about an updated approach to business casual. There’s something so confusing about the business casual dress code, so many women (and men) are never really sure what business casual means. If you feel that way, it’s ok… you’re not alone. But you know we’re all about keeping things fresh and updated, so we’re giving you the fun approach over on

If you haven’t already gotten the memo, the 90’s are back. And when we say back, we really mean it. There are so many fun trends from the 90’s that are in full swing and personally, we love it. We’re chatting about camo and other revived throwback fashions on this week because we KNOW you want to find out what other throwback trends are back on-trend so you can go get your 90’s vibes.

It’s November, and winter is getting closer and closer (hate to be the ones to break the news to you). With the colder temperatures, most of us tend to start wearing scarves more often. But if you’re anything like we are (and we’re guessing you are since you’re reading this), you get really frustrated when your hair gets tangled or all disheveled when you wear scarves. Well, luckily we found some hairstyles that look great with scarves and we’re sharing them with you on

Velvet is ALL over fashion this season. You’ve probably noticed some of your favorite celebs rocking some gorgeous velvet looks. Talk about a 90’s vibe, right? If you’re not really sure how to wear velvet this season, we’re sharing how to add a bit of velvet to your wardrobe in a really easy way. Because it doesn’t have to be over the top to embrace the trend! The details are happening over on, so come check it out.

When it comes to developing a personal style, it can definitely be something that takes time. You may not even really know what you want your style to be, but creating a uniform wardrobe is a really great way to make your morning routine a little more streamlined and leave you feeling a little more confident. We’re talking about tips to creating a uniform wardrobe on this week.

You may have noticed some of your favorite celebs have been rocking that #NoMakeup look – even on the red carpet. We thought it was time to share the truth about the #NoMakeup trend so you’re in the know with what it’s really all about. We’re getting real with the trend over on