Long hair, in and of itself is an enigma. It’s one of those things that practically every girl wants at one time or another, but long hair is never instant. The closest we’ve managed to get to instant long hair has been the innovation of extensions, which have come a long way since hitting the market. They’ve gone from looking like a relatively close approximation of different lengths of something hair-like to being impossible to distinguish from the real McCoy, especially when rendered in a detailed weave by a pro stylist.

Gotta be Something in the Air

It’s interesting that long hair is totally trending among A-listers and their followers alike for 2016, because whenever you see a lot of women sporting longer tresses, it’s like they all apparently decided in tandem to grow out their hair at approximately the same point in time. With hair’s average growth rate being around 6 inches every year, that would mean that anyone starting out with a short pixie predictably began growing their’s just below shoulder length hair two years prior. That same person, in order to obtain the classic half-body length would need around five or more years of growth. Without extensions, just showing up on time for a long hair trend—like Ashley Olsen, with her below-waist length (from her asymmetrical bob,) would seem to be almost impossible, yet it routinely happens. Go figure.

Arriving at a More Natural State

Hollywood hair is currently all about embracing more natural looking hair texture, with both curls and waves. These looks come from different products, methods, and tools. Air drying is taking a top spot in styling preferences, and an unconventional curling approach for hair of using a variety of rod sizes creates the appearance of no real effort having been applied to get the natural looking style. Pearl shaped curling wands are big in creating this look.

Style by Accessories

When it comes to style, you can count on one leading family to never disappoint. And Kylie Jenner revealed the loveliness of hair tattoos, this past fall. Selena Gomez and Chrissy Teigen are among the biggest fans of “Charmsies” hair jewelry, as the most awesome way to add-in some glam charm, in a wonderful array of colors, gold, and silver—in a variety of sizes, from almost fairy dust, to bolder effects. The Kardashians have “Part Art,” with the latest form of bling you can place directly where you part your hair.

Hair all Over the Runway

Thanks to all the advancements in extensions, options and methods of wearing them have been both improved and increased, along with their much closer resemblance to naturally growing hair. For a first, the U.S. president’s wife is wearing fake hair so her hair will look instantly longer. Elsewhere, covering all the runways and red carpets, there is serious length in a menagerie of forms, from high up-dos to braids, loose, luxurious waves, twists, and ponytails, with embellishments and more. Who, among the true celebs, are rocking “extended” lengths? Chrissy Teigen, Tina Fey, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Emma Stone, just to name a few. Sleeker ponytails and more styles with hair completely off the face are the emerging hair trends of 2016 Spring styles. The more lived-in locks are big, especially with such an easy transition from day to night they provide. Taylor Swift is a maven of girly up-dos, while Minka Kelly’s signature siren style is one we love.

Locks to Love

At 58, photographer/model Yasmina Rossi regards her long grey hair with a significant reverence. She shares that in her worldwide travels, she’s always received more respect because of her hair, which she says she wears like a cloak that protects her in all her travels. Chrissy Teigen opted for adding in shimmery gold streaks to her long curls for a classic form of hair beauty. Scarlett Johansson’s new coppery.

Hair, from Paris to England?

Paris Hilton’s hair is certainly one of her greatest assets, and she’s got a talent for working those twists and twirls for some sexy half up-dos, whether silky-straight or wavy. The heiress was seen out with a gorgeous blue rose headband from temple to temple. Long hair defines the catwalk, being signature styles of Gisele, Miranda Kerr and Cara Delevingne (with her braiding inspirations)  and Suki Waterhouse.