Skin care tips are diverse and plentiful, to say the very least. It’s an industry that’s constantly evolving and adapting. As experts within the industry discover new techniques and products, things will continue to evolve over time. But that’s the great part about the skin care world, isn’t it? There’s never a dull moment. While there are always new techniques and products hitting the market, there are some things that continue to stay pretty consistent in skin care. Some of the top skin care tips to remember seem to maintain their value and consistency, and those are incredibly important to know and adapt for yourself.

Always Protect Your Skin From the Sun
As much as the sun may feel nice after the winter months, there’s no doubting that the sun wreaks havoc on our skin. Protecting your skin from the sun is incredibly important to having a healthy skin care routine. If you don’t already have a healthy sun protection routine, now is the time to adapt one into your daily life. Now that we’re making our way to the warmer months, make sure you aren’t leaving your house without applying SPF.

Hydration Is Essential
It’s no secret that skin care and beauty experts are always preaching about drinking water, and if you follow us on a regular basis you know we stress it as well. The reason everyone in the industry is talking about hydration is because hydration plays such a huge role in skin care. When our skin is lacking the necessary hydration it begins to suffer in appearance and health. It’s time to drink up!

Catching Zzz’s Is Necessary
Of course you know that sleep is necessary to feeling rested and alert, but did you realize that it also plays a big role in your skin’s health and appearance? Unfortunately, sleep disorders are a growing condition in our world and very few people are getting enough sleep. It doesn’t just sound great to get sleep, it IS great for your health. When we’re asleep our bodies work to repair itself, that goes for our skin as well. When we’re lacking enough sleep our skin begins to suffer in appearance and it’s difficult to keep it healthy.

Watch What You Eat
Experts are really stressing the relationship between what we eat and our skin’s health/appearance recently, because they’ve found that there’s a direct correlation between the two. Eating a well-balanced meal isn’t just necessary to reach your weight/body goals but also your skin goals. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, that being said it needs essential nutrients to be able to function properly.

Moisturize Consistently
Much like hydration, our skin needs and craves moisture. When our skin is lacking moisture it begins to look dry, brittle and may even notice signs of aging popping through. There are so many environmental factors that can take the moisture right out of our skin, so it’s essential to make moisturizing a constant habit for our skin to maintain moisture and health.