Spring is officially right around the corner and with the change in seasons we welcome changes in the weather AND beauty changes. We’ve all spent so much time keeping our beauty routines in check and adjusted for the winter season, but with the weather changing we’ll need to switch some things around to keep our beauty routines consistent for ourselves.  Wondering what some of the best tips for your beauty routine are for spring? You’re in the right place, because we’re dishing on the top beauty tips for spring– you already know we’re here to help you keep your skin and beauty routines great year round, so let’s get this started!

Go Through Your Beauty Products

It’s likely that you’ve been using the same beauty products for a while now, and the start of a new season is a great time to go through your beauty products and get rid of anything that isn’t working for your skin, or may be expired. It’s the perfect opportunity to give yourself a fresh start with your beauty products – so take some time to really analyze the products you’ve been using. Ask yourself when you last used them, or if you’re using them at all. Determine how long you’ve had your skin care products – remember that beauty products do have an expiration date and it’s important to your skin’s health to keep those dates in mind when going through your products.

Lighten Up Your Makeup

In the winter months, many of us tend to be drawn to darker colors for our makeup looks.  Between lipstick colors and eyeshadow colors, the darker hues look gorgeous in the winter season. But as spring begins to roll around, it’s a great time to really have a fresh update to your beauty look and get more of a spring-appropriate makeup routine. Start lightening up your makeup for the spring season – you’ll thank us later! When we say lighten up, we mean with the colors that you’re using (start welcoming those brighter hues!) AND how much makeup you’re applying. As the temperatures rise, it’s always nice to wear less makeup to let your skin breathe and not have to worry about having that dreaded melting-makeup look.

Switch Your Skin Care Products

We already talked about going through your beauty products, but we also wanted to be sure to mention the importance of switching some of your skin care products in the start of the spring season. The change in weather can have an impact on your skin. It’s important to evaluate how your skin reacts as the weather changes, and adjust your skin care products accordingly. It’s likely that you’re going to want to swap your winter skin care products for products that are lighter weight for the spring season. Since our skin tends to need additional moisture throughout the winter season, we don’t necessarily need that as the weather gets warmer and more moisture’s in the air. Of course, don’t forget to make sure that you’re amping up your SPF routine as spring approaches!