Do you have some traveling coming up in your near future? Packing your belongings can be one of the more stressful parts of traveling, especially when you’re traveling by plane. With so many different guidelines that are in place for airplane travel, it can add to the stress a bit. Of course, it’s for our safety so we can’t be too upset. Naturally, when you’re traveling you’re going to want to pack in the most efficient way possible. There’s nothing worse than ending up with makeup that’s been broken or smudged throughout a flight because of the packing situation. We want to make sure you’re able to pack your makeup with confidence, so we’re sharing some of our best tips for packing your makeup for plane travel.

Placement of Your Makeup is Important

When you’re packing, chances are one of the last things you put in your suitcase is your makeup and other toiletries. Do you tend to pack your makeup at the top, then? Here’s the deal: WHERE you pack your makeup is going to be crucial in really keeping your makeup safe and free of damage. The best place to pack your makeup? The middle of your suitcase! This allows your makeup to have a protective barrier with your clothes, even if your suitcase gets tossed around during your plane travels. If you want to make it even better, make sure that the clothes and items surrounding your makeupitems are cushioning clothes. Things like shirts and sweaters are perfect for adding even more cushion and support for your fragile makeup items.

Seal Up Your Liquids

Makeup like liquid foundation and other liquid-y type products tend to take a hit when traveling via airplane because of all the commotion your suitcase takes. If you want to avoid your liquid products risking the chance of busting open (and we’re assuming you want to avoid that at all costs) then it’s going to be crucial that you’re really sealing those liquids. Depending on the type of container and seal that your product(s) are in will depend upon the type of sealing method you need to use. Some people suggest that using plastic wrap and really focusing on the opening part of the bottle can be a great way to create that seal in case anything should happen. If you’re really worried, you can even opt for duct tape. However, if you’re not really into wrapping your makeup products up like that you can always embrace resealable and reusable bags. Hello, ziplock bags! These types of bags are great to store those items you’re worried may have a little leakage throughout your travels; if they’re stored in a ziplock bag, any potential cleanup will be significantly easier.

Don’t Forget Powders

Powder products aren’t out of harm’s way either. Powder products have a tendency of getting shattered and breaking throughout the traveling plan as well. The best way to protect your powder products is to add a cushion around them when you’re packing. Using any sponges that you’re taking with can be a great barrier to add, or wrap them up in a cushioning material (bubble wrap, tissue, etc.).