Time is one of those things that we have no control over, and it plays so many different roles in our lives and beauty world.  But, there are of course great things about time and we’ve had so many gorgeous beauties that have shown us what timeless beauty is all about.  This week we’re talking about things related to beauty and time, and between aging and looking timeless, there’s a lot to cover!  So, let’s get started – shall we?

To get started on time and beauty, we’re going to share some treatments that may reverse signs of aging.  Aging is a huge component of time, and a lot of us dread it if we’re really honest.  We’re going to share some of these special treatments on LionesseGem.com so you can potentially reverse signs of aging.  Sounds pretty awesome, right?

There’s something about award shows that fascinates so many of us. Maybe it’s the fact that all our favorite celebs gather in one spot and walk the red carpet looking amazing.  Of course, some looks are hits, some are misses – regardless it gives us something fun and different to watch.  Since we’re all about time this week, we’re sharing the best Golden Globe looks of all time for a little reminiscing.  Join us on LionesseBeautyBar.net for a walk down memory lane.

It’s amazing how much the beauty industry has changed over the years, and even how beauty is perceived.  Think about how the ideal beauty has shifted so significantly over the past 50 years, or even 20 years.  It’s pretty crazy!  We’re talking about fifty years of beauty on LionesseBeautyBar.org this week to chat about all this.  Want to join the conversation about the change in beauty?  Come join us!

Hairstyles are one of those things that seem to come and go with major trend shifts, and often pretty quickly.  It can sometimes be hard to keep up, or even know what to do with your hair.  Well, since we’re all about beauty and time this week, we decided to dive into timeless hairstyles we love.  We promise, there are some timeless hairstyles!  We’re dishing on all the details on LionesseFlatIron.com.

Aging is, unfortunately, a part of life.  But, the truth is none of us actually wants to LOOK like we’re aging.  This is likely why the anti-aging industry has been booming for years.  Well, luckily there are quite a few ways that have been found to be quite beneficial when it comes to aging.  We’re going to be sharing five ways to slow skin aging this week on Lionesse.us.  Because even though we can’t stop aging altogether, we can certainly slow the signs of it showing in our skin.

Weddings are something that most of us want to feel timeless about. Since they are pictures you’re going to have for a lifetime, you don’t want to look back and feel like something like your hair wasn’t timeless.  So we’re sharing some of our favorite timeless bridal hairstyles on LionesseFlatIron.com this week, for all you brides out there!