The last days of 2016 are counting down, and as we get ready to ring in 2017 we can’t help but pause for a moment to appreciate all that this year has brought us.  While some people are claiming 2016 to be an ‘off’ year, we can’t help but notice that we had some pretty phenomenal beauty trends that made this year one to remember.  Who doesn’t love a little throwback vibe to go over the beauty trends we saw all year long?  We’re sharing ten awesome beauty trends from 2016, because they were pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.

The No Makeup Trend
Alicia Keys is one inspiring lady, this year she stepped out at the VMA’s (of all places, right?) with NO MAKEUP.  She made headlines because it’s a pretty bold move in the celeb world, but that #nomakeup trend kind of took off throughout the year and was celebrated like never before.

The Spray Paint Nail Polish
Ladies, we’ve all been dying for an easier and quicker way to paint our nails ourselves.  Finally, this year it came to fruition when spray paint nail polish hit the market.  It made painting your nails SUPER easy and who doesn’t love that?

The Makeup Brush Trend
Ok, so makeup brushes themselves are not new.  But beauty brands have really stepped up makeup brushes and they’ve become INCREDIBLY gorgeous all on their own.  From gorgeous colors, to detailed designs like the Harry Potter collection there’s an incredibly broad range.

The New Face of Beauty Brands
Let’s not forget, the first guy EVER was named as the spokesmodel for CoverGirl.  It’s definitely been a year of breaking down old barriers!

The Flower Lipsticks
Lipstick is always a beauty trend, but this year we were graced with jelly lipsticks that had tiny little flowers IN them.  Talk about making lipstick mesmerizing.

The Crystal Lip Trend
Crystals and gemstones have really become popular, and not just with jewelry.  This year there was a whirlwind of ladies creating lip art to mimic geodes and crystals.

The Rainbow Highlight
We couldn’t leave out the rainbow highlight trend!  Yep, ladies everywhere were seeking out ways to highlight their face with rainbow colors.  There was even a number of products created to help you get that look accomplished.

The Rise of Braids
Between Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ video to celebs like the Kardashians, EVERYONE was rocking braids in a whole new way this year.  It’s pretty safe to say that braids were literally everywhere this season, embraced in different braided styles and designs – braids, braids and more braids.

The Colored Contact Trend
Colored contacts had a moment this year, a first for them in quite some time.  Everyone from Kanye West to Selena Gomez stepped out with colored contacts a time or two throughout the year.  It’s a pretty fun way to completely change your look!

The Switch In Hairstyling Tools
We’ve seen and used hair dryers and curling irons for years, they’re pretty much all what you’d expect.  Until 2016 came along and changed the game with some revolutionary hair styling tools.  Hair dryers have never looked quite like this, and they look pretty awesome!