No matter what age you are, there’s something consistently exciting about your birthday.  One of the most exciting birthdays has to be the Sweet 16 milestone.  We’re in the birthday celebration zone this week so we’re all about sweet 16 and birthday beauty.  There are so many fun ways to celebrate and share some birthday beauty, regardless of what birthday milestone you’re celebrating this year.  We can all pretend we’re celebrating our sweet 16, right?

This week on, we’re kicking things off with the dangers of indoor tanning, especially for our teen beauties.  While we all want to have that gorgeous natural glowing skin, we want to make sure we’re achieving it in a healthy way.  Teens are especially prone to the dangers of indoor tanning because of how young their skin is.

Naturally, since we’re all about sweet 16 and birthday celebrations this week, it only makes sense that we share some of our favorite sweet 16 makeup and hair tips.  You want to look extra special and gorgeous on your big day, and your hair and makeup is a huge part in that!  Come over to this week to discover all our favorite tips for the sweet 16 beauties.

After we share our favorite hair and makeup tips for the teens, it only makes sense we dive into teen fashion.  So on, we’re dishing on all the fabulous teen fashions we’re obsessing over this season.  Fashion changes so often, but there are definitely some favorites of ours that we have to share to make sure you’re on trend this season.

On, we’re getting serious about the fun hair colors and styles for our teen ladies.  This year it’s all about the bold colors and styles in hair, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or just not sure where to even start with your hair – we’ve got all the details to get you started. And of course, we’ll make sure your hair is fun and completely on trend.

Selfies…oh selfies.  How they’ve changed our society and social media!  Do you take selfies but never feel like they come out the way you want?  We’ve got you covered on as we share our must-know tips for snapping the perfect selfie to make sure it comes out stunning every single time.  You’re going to be a selfie queen once you know our tips, all your friends are going to want to know your secrets!

In honor of our sweet 16 theme this week, we thought it was only natural we go through and share some of the most popular “coming of age” traditions that are celebrated in the world.  While the Sweet 16 celebration is common in the United States, even here we have some other traditions that are incredibly popular and significant to the idea of getting older and stepping into adulthood.  It’s always fun, and interesting to learn about what other people, cultures, and traditions do to celebrate.