Taking care of our skin is important all year round, but with summer quickly approaching it’s time to make some skin care adjustments so we’re prepared for the seasonal change.  Since the weather is different in the summer our skin care needs are a bit different.  To help get you in the summer skincare spirit we’re sharing some of our summer skin care must-dos. so you’re able to keep your skin gorgeous and glowing all season long.

Moisturize, Moisturize.. Moisturize

Seriously though, moisturizing is super important during the summer months.  Because you’re likely to be outside more often in the summer months the different weather elements can cause your skin to be put under some major stress.  Moisturizing is essential to skin care, especially during the warmer months.  It helps lock in moisture and keeps your skin looking and feeling glowy.  Additionally, it’s highly recommended that you incorporate a moisturizer that has SPF built right into it.  It helps add a layer of protection and this way you don’t have to add another step to your skin care routine in the morning.  Also, keep in mind, you should moisturize your ENTIRE body not just your face. That means moisturizing your hands and feet, too – they’re often forgotten areas of the body and they’re typically exposed much more during these months than any other time of the year.

Treat the Delicate Areas

We already mentioned not to forget your hands and feet, but there are other delicate areas you want to make sure you’re paying close attention to as well.  Your lips and eyes are super delicate and need to be taken care of during these months.  Especially since you’re going to be outside and likely in the sun, we tend to forget about our lips but they’re greatly affected by the sun.  Incorporate a great lip balm into your routine and carry it around with you.

Additionally, our eye area is very delicate and with the different weather elements we need to incorporate some eye care treatment products.  It’s important not to use the moisturizer you use on your entire face on your eye area.  Why?  The skin is different around the eyes and requires different products.  Another extra tip for the eye area – try to avoid squinting too much in the sun.  We have of a tendency of squinting when it’s bright, but this can cause wrinkles and the ever dreaded crow’s feet.

Stay Hydrated

You’re probably tired of hearing we need to stay hydrated, but we’re telling you again.  Because the summer is so much warmer, it is extra important to stay hydrated not only for the health benefits but also to keeps your skin looking fresh and lively.   It’s much easier to get dehydrated in the summer, so make the extra effort to always have water with you and continue drinking throughout the day.

Do you incorporate any or all of these summer skin care tips into your beauty routine?