Staying healthy is something that we all want, and realize that we need to put focus on – right? When you’re in your mid-late 20’s you start to realize just how important your health is. Suddenly, you’re not bouncing back from being sick like you did in your teens and you’re likely realizing that your health isn’t going to take care of itself. The change of seasons has many of us feeling motivated to make some changes in our lives, and with spring coming up we thought we would share some of our favorite tips for staying healthy from head to toe.

Make It a Routine to See a Primary Care Provider

When you’re not in school anymore, and not really ‘required’ to see the doctor unless you’re sick, it’s definitely something that can slip to the wayside. But one of the keys to staying healthy is making sure that you’re routinely seeing a primary care provider to carry out physical examinations. Experts suggest you do this at least once every two years, if you’re not already getting to the doctor for other reasons. This can help you and your doctor make sure that you’re staying ahead of any healthy struggles or concerns. It also gives you a chance to talk to your doctor about anything you may be experiencing that you have questions about.

Get Active

Experts suggest that your lifestyle habits that you adopt in your 20’s can pave the way for your health throughout the rest of your life. So what does that mean? It’s super important to make sure that you’re getting or staying active at this point in your life. We realize that many mid-late 20 somethings tend to spend a lot of hours at work and it can feel like a challenge to really get your activity levels in. However, learning how to make your lifestyle an active one now will help you later on. Make it a point to get your activity level up as much as possible, look for opportunities to walk, run or add in any sort of activity level that gets you moving. This will help keep your weight in check, maintain energy levels, and improve your overall state of mind and health.

Streamline Your Eating Habits

Let’s face it, when we’re young and growing up it often seems like we can eat whatever we want and maintain our weight. However, now that you’re in your mid-late 20’s it’s really time to take your diet and nutrition a bit more serious. Sugar, alcohol, and fat tend to be the major factors that can alter your health and weight at this point. So what can you do? Many experts suggest that now is the best time to learn how to cook, incorporate more veggies and cut back on the other ‘stuff.’ Similar to activity level, if you learn how to do it now, it will be that much easier later on in your life and you’ll be able to bring about a healthier lifestyle.