Traveling is one of the luxuries of life.  Whether you travel often for work or socially, it’s such a fun way to explore and experience a world that you may not otherwise know. While traveling is fun, it can be difficult to really take care of your skin in the way that you’d like to while traveling…especially if you’re a frequent traveler.  Since traveling can put your skin under undue stress, we thought it was time to share some skin care advice for the frequent traveler.

Drink a LOT of Water
When you’re traveling, you’re exposed to a lot of different environmental factors that can do a number on your skin and often cause your skin to look and feel drier than normal.  It’s important to make sure that you’re drinking a LOT of water…more than normal.  Even though drinking water is important regardless of whether you travel or not, traveling puts a unique twist on your skin that can cause it to lack a lot of hydration.  So make sure you’re making drinking water a priority throughout your travels, and truly make sure you’re drinking more than you would when you’re not traveling.  In addition to drinking a lot of water,  try avoiding foods that are heavily processed and filled with salt as they can cause your skin/body to appear more swollen.  Stick to fruits and veggies as much as possible to keep your skin happy!

Bring Your Own Products
When traveling, it’s natural to want to pack light and not deal with bringing your skin care products from home – why not just use the products the hotels have in their bathrooms, right?  Well, the downside to that is you don’t know what those products really are and they could lead to your skin having a reaction that you’re not prepared for.  It’s best to stick with the products that you use on a consistent basis, and that you know work well for your skin type.  Instead of lugging around the full bottle size, purchase some travel size empty containers and fill them with your products.  This will make it easy to travel with them, and you’ll know that your skin enjoys the products you’re using.  Not to mention, using a bunch of random products when you travel often can really do a number on your skin – do yourself a favor and bring your own.

Moisturize OFTEN
Moisturizing your skin is essential for a healthy skin care routine, and even more crucial when you’re a frequent traveler.  Because traveling, especially via airplane, can cause your skin to become pretty dry, it’s a must to keep your skin moisturized.  Many experts suggest applying moisturizer to your skin while you’re on the flight to really keep the moisture in your skin continued and consistent.  In addition, make sure that you’re not just moisturizing the skin on your face but also paying attention to your hands, feet, lips and other areas.  Remember that your skin ALL over is going to be faced with dry environmental factors so your entire body is going to be craving that moisture – give it the moisture!