Honestly, it probably goes without saying we all want healthy, gorgeous skin.  The thing about healthy skin is it’s something that takes time to develop.  Having healthy skin isn’t something that we just develop without putting in at least a little effort around actually taking care of it.  Ok, so you want healthy skin but you’re probably wondering what some of the signs is that show your skin actually IS healthy – right?  Well, let’s share some of the most common signs.

Overall Color

The overall color of your skin can be a major sign of healthy skin, or unhealthy skin.  Generally speaking, when your skin doesn’t have a consistent color all over it can be a sign of unhealthy skin or other health problems.  Things like dark spots, blotchiness, and inconsistent coloring can be examples of skin not being super healthy.  Additionally, things like dullness and lack of glow in the skin can also be negative health signs.  On the other hand, when your skin is healthy it will have a healthy glow, and be consistent in color all over your body.  The best way to determine your skin’s color is to look when you have no makeup product on your skin and determine the state.

How Your Skin Feels

Another sign of healthy skin is your skin feeling natural.  This may sound weird, but if you’ve ever experienced other sensations in your skin it can be a sign of unhealthy skin.  Things like pulling, tightness, itching or burning can be sensations you have in your skin that can also be unhealthy signs of your skin’s state.  Experts state that when your skin is healthy it doesn’t have a feeling, it just ‘is.’  There can be a lot of reasons why you could be experiencing the other sensations, and if you are, it’s worth asking your trusted skin care professional.

Your Skin’s Texture

This is probably one of the more commonly known signs of healthy vs unhealthy skin indications.  When we refer to the texture of your skin we’re referring to the surface of your skin so any ridges, grooves, bumps, wrinkles, etc. are all texture related skin issues.  Breakouts and other bumps are a clear sign of something not so healthy going on with your skin.  You know how celebrities always look like they just have flawless skin?  Well, even if they don’t that smooth texture that we see and idolize is a major sign of healthy skin.  When it’s clear and… smooth.  Similar to how your skin feels, other types of texture issues can be signs of many different skin problems and if you’re having a hard time getting things tamed on your own, seek the help of a trusted professional to get a handle on that.

There are so many different factors that go into having healthy skin like hydration, genetics, sun exposure, just to name a few.

Have you experienced any of these signs of healthy skin?