Regardless of how much time goes by, there’s something about rockabilly beauty that never gets old.  Every time we see one of our favorite celebs walking the red carpet in a rockabilly inspired look, we all take note.  The women from the original rockabilly made major waves in the beauty world, by really setting a different standard in trends since.  Since the rockabilly time has had such an impact on the beauty industry, we thought it was appropriate to celebrate rockabilly beauty all week long.

We’re kicking things off on chatting about showing off your tan with skin jewelry.  Its summer, and chances are you have more of a tan than you did a few months ago.  While we’re all about skin safety, we also get that you want to show off your J. Lo glow and what better way to do that than with the new skin jewelry trend.  Want a new way to show off your tan?  You’re not going to want to miss this tip!

Ok, so if we’re all honest, we spend more time and energy on making our legs look nicer in the warmer weather months (they’re on display more, after all!).  It can really be difficult to achieve smooth legs, or even knowing how to get them super smooth!  This week on, we’re talking about the secrets to smooth legs, so you can use our tips for the rest of the summer season.  Excited to find out what the secrets are?

Rockabilly is really synonymous with retro style, if you’re into retro and vintage you’re going to want to join us on  We’re going to share some tips on creating your own retro-chic style.  There’s definitely a few key tricks to know when you’re interested in creating a retro-chic style, plus style, in general, is all about making it your own.  That’s typically the biggest struggle when dressing vintage, embracing the vintage inspiration but also staying true to your own style.

It’s all about embracing different trends and beauty inspiration, if you want to really step outside your norm with hairstyles come join us on this week.  We’re going into detail on the faux and half hawks.  Don’t know what those are?  No worries, we’re going to share what those hairstyles ARE, and how you can achieve them yourself.   With any hairstyle whose name includes “hawks”, you’re sure to make a statement. Ready to stand out?

Just like the rockabilly hair and beauty trends, the clothes are always a powerful throwback style.  So this week on, we’re sharing some of our favorite rockabilly inspired dresses and separates.  It was such a powerful time for fashion and beauty, and there are still plenty of ways to rock the rockabilly style even today.  If you’re looking for some rockabilly style inspiration you don’t want to miss out on this article.