The rise in popularity of the blowout hairstyle is undeniable.  There are countless salons offering amazing blowouts across the country.  But even if you don’t have the time to head into the salon, you can still easily achieve the gorgeous blowout look at home.  Like anything else, blowout hairstyles are all about using the proper tools and technique to achieving the look you desire.  So, to help you feel gorgeous, we’re sharing some of our favorite blowout hairstyle tips.

Use Products

In order to have a blowout that looks gorgeous and lasts all day you’re going to need to use hair care products.  The most advised products are heat protectant, volumizing, and of course hairspray.  The heat protectant spray (or serum) is going to help keep your hair healthy after styling it with a heated hair dryer.  While the volumizing product is going to help give you hair that extra voluminous boost blowouts are known for.  You’re going to want to focus the volumizing product at the roots, and to get that professional salon-like look finish the hair with a shine-enhancing product.

Use Proper Tools

Once you have the right products, you’re going to need to make sure you’re using the proper styling tools.  Investing in a high-quality hair dryer is important for a blowout hairstyle.  In addition, it’s advised to use a diffuser attachment to get the hair mostly dry after being wet.  Using a diffuser attachment helps create more volume in the hair, especially at the roots.  Once the hair is mostly dry, replacing the diffuser tool with the nozzle to get the straight and voluminous look of a blowout.  While drying hair with the nozzle attachment on your blow dryer, using a large round brush is key.  The round brush really helps to further establish the voluminous hairstyle and straighten the hair.

Technique is Key

You’ve got the right tools and products, now it’s time to apply the proper technique.  The best way to go about drying your hair to get the professional blowout look is to section your hair as you dry.  Beginning at the nape of your neck and pulling up the rest and drying.  Repeat the process by letting down a small section of hair at a time.  While drying each section use the round brush and twirl it around as you dry the hair.  This will help maximize the volume of the hair.  Do this until you’ve dried your entire head of hair and you’re done!

The final tip on creating the blowout hairstyle is to avoid creating the hairstyle in a place that has a lot of moisture.  Typically a bathroom isn’t advised because your hair will be drawn to the moisture and you’ll likely end up with a more frizzy outcome.

Now that you have all the tips the pros use, it’s time to put them in place!  Ready to create a professional blowout at home?