Trends may come and go, but true beauty is timeless. You can see that by looking at some of the goddesses of the silver screen from decades past. The women who were beautiful then would be seen as just as beautiful now. This week, we take a look back at some of their secrets to help you create your own look of timeless beauty.

We’ll start with glamour goddess Lena Horne and talk about her megawatt smile. We’ll share some of the best products to use to get your own pearly whites, whether you want to maintain your healthy smile or you want to lighten up staining on your smile. We’ll also share tips on how to protect your smile, such as food and drinks to avoid. You may not be a celebrity, but you’ll have a million dollar smile.

Next, we’ll share some other leading ladies that we love and tell you what we adore about their look. We’ll share our tips on how to get gorgeous eyes, a creamy complexion, and perfect brows, among other things. You’ll have lots of inspiration to get just about any look you like, and you’ll radiate confidence knowing that you look your best.

Many of the classic leading ladies were known for their big, beautiful eyes. While you may not have naturally large eyes, you can make your eyes look a bit bigger with the right makeup tricks and skin care. For example, lightening the area under your eyes can make them look brighter and bigger, and you can do this with a bit of concealer and even with white eyeliner along your waterline. We’ll share all our top tips for getting the look, whether you are trying to channel your inner vintage goddess or you just want to look younger and more refreshed.

Classic leading ladies were also well-known for their gorgeous hairstyles, including finger waves, pin curls, blunt bangs, and more. We’ll share some of those classic hairstyles, helping you get inspiration for a new look, and we’ll share some tips for how to style your hair yourself to enjoy some of that glamour yourself. You may want to try out some of these hairstyles for your everyday look, or you may want to wear a style for a special occasion. You’ll have the right tools to get the look whenever you want.

Finally, we’ll talk about how to get gorgeous, healthy hair no matter the decade you are channeling — because pretty hair don’t care. We’ll share our tips for daily hair care, some of the best products to use, and some tricks for easy styling. You’ll have some tricks up your sleeve to get a gorgeous hairstyle for any occasion, and you’ll be able to get healthy and beautiful hair that will look great even when you’ve just rolled out of bed.