Lionesse mineral foundation versus Lionesse mousse foundation


Mineral Mousse
Definition Mineral foundation is recommended for women who prefer a more natural type of make-up. These foundations use very few ingredients and all ingredients contained in the foundation come from natural sources. Mousse foundation, also known as whipped foundation, has a texture somewhere between liquid and cream that is light and smooth. It usually offers a weightless feel and gives the perfect matte finish. The smooth texture allows the foundation to help in creating a flawless appearance.
Skin Type Mineral Foundations are more suitable for women with sensitive skin or for those with skin allergies. Mousse foundation is an ideal option for ladies with dry or aging skin because of the fact that they smoothly attach themselves to the facial lines and go a long way in diminishing the appearance of those lines.
Who Should Wear It Mineral Foundations can be worn by ladies of all ages and all skin types. They are also known to be the best possible for those with combination skin, acne prone skin or oily skin. Mineral foundations are most recommended for teens who are just starting off with their make-up journey or for ladies who prefer natural make-up. Mousse foundation can also be worn by ladies of all ages, but they don’t suit all skin types. Mousse foundations are an ideal option for those with large sized pores as well as those who have aged or mature skin.
When To Wear It


Mineral foundations can be worn on a daily basis and even for those late night get-togethers because of their lightweight feel. They are free of harsh chemicals or preservatives and they hurt the skin lesser than others, even when they are worn for 24 hours at a stretch. Mousse foundations can be worn anytime, day or night. They help to get a full coverage without creating a mess. They are an ideal fit for day-time photo sessions as well as close-ups because they tend to diffuse the lines under harsh lighting. However, it is always best to wash off mousse foundations before going to sleep.


Both foundations offer a pretty decent coverage. We recommend mineral foundations for daily make-up because of the fact that they offer a lightweight feel, boast of a nice and light to medium coverage and also contain sun-deflecting ingredients like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. Mousse foundation is an ideal solution for the evening because of its perfect matte finish.