I like to experiment with makeup and try different styles, but over the time I have realized that the best look is the one I get when I do the so-called ‘natural` look where you use minimal amounts of makeup.   It is just perfect for any occasion from everyday work to weddings and celebrations and this natural makeup look fits any outfit. You need makeup that will make your face look fresh and youthful. This is how I do it when I want to look natural or when I am in a hurry:


  Image 1 - master a no makeup look  


I prepare my skin by cleaning it with a cleanser or water. Then I moisturize with my favorite lotion or face cream. I wait for a minute for my skin to absorb it, then I apply some more but make sure I remove any excess cream so my face does not look oily.


Image 2 - master a no makeup look



I love light foundations that are in the color of my skin tone and primers that give my skin matte look as I have oily areas I want to hide.  I use a tiny bit of a primer then a few drops of foundation to even the skin.

Image 1 - master a no makeup look  


If I wake up with bags under my eyes (which happens if I stay out late) I apply concealer. It only takes two or three tiny drops which I rub using my fingers.

 Image 4 - master a no makeup look  


Since I need some glow on my face to look healthy and fresh, I apply some bronzer (I love glow bronzing pearls) or pink powder blush on my forehead and cheeks. You can try different brands and types, experiment with powder, cream or gel structures to find the best for you.

 Image 5 - master a no makeup look  


I have dark eyebrows so if I am busy I only brush them to make them look neat. Sometimes, I highlight them with a brown pencil. If you want your eyebrows to stay nice you can use some lip gloss to tame them.

 Image 6 - master a no makeup look  


To make my eyes brighter I apply some white or nude color eyeshadow in the corners of my eyes. This always works if you want to look natural. Use your fingers or special brushes for the natural look.

 Image 7 - master a no makeup look  


Now I use my favorite black mascara on top lashes to open the look so no one notices if I am tired. I apply one or two layers of mascara taking care not to overdo.


The last thing is the soft pink or nude lip gloss to hydrate lips and make them fuller.

Now you are ready to start your day feeling fresh and confident. The no-makeup look with makeup is the look you will love as it only takes a few minutes once you learn the technique. If I plan to go out in the evening I simply apply stronger colors and eyeliner to create a more dramatic evening look.