Girl holding makeup brush with big pile of makeup in front of her


Wearing carefully applied makeup works wonders for the beauty of any woman. Because of this, many women begin using many products to highlight their best features and to get a glowing face with perfectly accentuated eyes and lips. After a while, this becomes a habit, something they do first thing in the morning every day. They forget about the importance of using only good quality makeup that is fresh and new, makeup that helps make the face look pretty but doesn’t cause allergies or rashes to develop.

Common Bad Makeup Habits

The list of makeup habits that can go wrong is quite long. With so many products on the market, you need information not only about how to use them, but also what bad effects they might have on your skin in case you simply forgot when you bought the makeup. This applies to everything labeled as makeup – mascaras, lipsticks, foundation, powder, eyeshadows and crayons. Here are some common makeup habits with ideas for you how to break them:


  • Sleeping with makeup – this is what your mom used to warn you about, you listened for a while then were too busy and started a bad habit of going to bed with makeup. Although it can happen to any woman when too tired or busy, try to break this makeup habit. It ruins both your clothes and causes allergies so you wake up with swollen, red eyes and irritated skin. Therefore always make sure you remove all the makeup and clean your face and neck.
  • Using old makeup or tools – probably the worst bad makeup habit of all; this one is the cause to allergic reactions. It really important to take a look at your makeup expiration dates from time to time to see if any of your products need to be changed out or trashed. Some things, like mascaras and eyeshadows can be used for three months to a year while powders last longer. Keep them in cool, dry places and upon noticing any changes to the texture or smell, replace. Remember to wash all the brushes you use regularly. They are a perfect place for bacteria and yeast to flourish. When you notice you get a rash on your cheeks after using your favorite brush then it is time to break the habit and get a new one.
  • Scrubs that do you harm – some women buy exfoliating products which are too strong and leave the skin dry and irritated. Either that or they forget to wash the remnants of the exfoliator off properly. It may also be that you leave it on your face too long or use too much, which are both bad makeup habits you should break if you want flawless skin.
  • Applying makeup the wrong way –  when you read fashion magazines you see perfect models, when you try to recreate their looks at home you are not sure how to get the same look. Attempting to copy looks from magazines leads to many bad makeup habits. One of the most common bad habits is to line the rims of your eyes with a pencil because you like the way it highlights eyes. If the pencil is not soft and clean you will end up in tears or develop an infection. Another bad habit is using too much makeup both on your eyes and lips. This is something to be avoided because it can end up making you look like a clown. Stick to a more natural look and break the habit of accentuating both your eyes and lips with strong colors.