There are basically two ways that anyone can have a good hair day, every day.

The first is by just not caring at all about how your hair looks and just giving up on making a connection between the way your hair behaves on any particular day and how it might make you seem, in the eyes of others.

The other way would be to lay the groundwork for easy-to-sustain nice looking hair, by getting the right cut for your particular hair type, and adhering to a number of other key hair care essentials on a regular basis.

When it comes down to such a choice, most women wouldn’t hesitate in choosing the latter of the two–preceded by an eye roll and followed by a “duh.”

A good hair day is something everyone aspires to–whether they’ll admit it or not, and even though it’s coveted by all, the truth is that most women don’t approach hair care with this degree of detail. What follows are some of the more important details that every woman really should be taking heed of, if she wants to thrive in good hair ambiance.


  • For Hair with Tighter Curls: When it comes to tight to kinky curls, the best form of styling is less styling. Keep products to a minimum, with a dime-sized dollop of leave-in conditioner applied to freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Spread evenly and thoroughly followed by a comb-through using a wide-toothed comb, before air drying, or blow dry, using a diffuser attachment. Less is more, so once dry, leave your hair alone. An occasional light spray of a lightweight shine product is fine, but avoid getting too close to the roots.

  • Take Three: Every woman should have under her belt, three hairstyles she can create in five minutes or less. It can be a low, messy bun, a quick and easy side fishtail braid or a simple configuration of twisted strands, secured by hidden bobby pins. By having your “three,” you’ll never be left high and dry on those days when your hair needs a lot of help.

  • Get the Right Cut: No matter what hair type you have, with the right cut, your hair will rebound to the style it’s cut for more easily, without having to do a lot of fussing and heat styling. Talk with your stylist about cuts to best complement your hair’s type. This will parlay into dependable good hair days.

  • Ditch Your Pillow: Well, actually you can keep the pillow–but switch your cotton or microfiber blend pillowcase with a satin pillowcase, and after only one night upon the new silky sleek surface, your hair will reveal the amazing improvement it creates.

  • Choose Your Products Wisely: In just about all cases, when you want your hair to look good, it would be better to go without products altogether, than to use the wrong ones. Read labels, and make sure that each product is formulated for your exact hair type and condition. In using styling products, keep them away from the roots–especially ones like dry shampoos and serums.

  • Have in Your “On the Go” Arsenal, Always: Whether in your purse, your car, a drawer or nook at work–or all three–make sure you have these, for a quick fix:

    • bobby pins

    • texturizing spray

    • mirror

    • small spritzer bottle you can fill with water or diluted products.

    • flexible hold hairspray

    • a few covered elastic bands

    • a headband that will go with everything

    • a hairbrush with plastic bristles