It’s pretty safe to say that we all want gorgeous, glowing skin – instead of dull skin.  The truth is our skin is incredibly affected by our lifestyle, much more than you may think or even realize.  Ending dull skin can often feel like it requires using a lot of effort, but the fact is that’s not always the case.  We’re sharing lifestyle changes that end dull skin, to help you to know what lifestyle changes you need to make to better improve your skin’s appearance.  Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Drink More Water

You know you should be drinking more water, yet you probably still aren’t making it as much of a priority as you could.  It’s ok, we just know you’re really ready to make the change.  Drinking water plays a MASSIVE role in your skin’s health and appearance, which is why skincare experts are constantly talking about drinking water.  Here’s the deal, when you’re dehydrated your skin starts to look duller and become drier.  But when you’re really well hydrated your skin is also hydrated and able to function in an optimal way and in turn starts to look more vibrant.

Catch More Zzz’s

We all know sleep is important, but many experts have said sleep disorders continue to rise in our society.  If you’ve been lacking in the sleep area, you’ve probably noticed your skin looking a little duller than you’d like.  The reason this happens is because while you’re asleep your body and skin works to repair itself, but when we don’t get enough sleep our body isn’t able to go through that renewal process.  We know it’s so much easier to say get more sleep than actually do it, but if you want to end dull skin it’s time to get serious about your sleeping schedule.  Most experts suggest doing just that, getting into an actual sleep schedule to help your body set to a more regimented sleeping time.

Clean Up Your Diet

While cleaning up your diet from a lot of junk food, food with preservatives, and sugars is great for your body it’s also amazing for your skin.  Much like water helps to feed the skin and keep it hydrated, eating a nutritious diet does the same exact thing.  There’s been a lot of revelation in the industry about beauty from the inside out and your diet plays a huge role in that.  Basically, when you eat junk it starts to show up in your skin so when you reverse that and start to eat better your skin starts to flourish.

Don’t Skip the SPF

We get it, it can sometimes feel like such a hassle to apply SPF all the time but it’s necessary regardless of the time of year. Sun damage can cause your skin to really become dull in appearance, so load up on your SPF products and really get into the habit of doing so daily.  Your future self will thank you!