Chances are you know a few ladies who seem to be incredibly refined and glamorous.  Whether you know them personally, or admire them from afar there’s always something incredibly inspiring about the ladies who seem to just have it all together.  Now, they are still human beings so while they may not have it totally together and refined every moment of every day we got to thinking that there must be some great lessons we can learn from these ladies.  So we’re chatting about beauty lessons learned from refined and glamorous ladies – because we can all learn from one another!

Embrace Self-Care
Self-care has definitely grown to become a phrase of the moment, but it’s with good reason.  We all live in such a busy world, scurrying from place to place and activity to activity.  It really leaves us running low, and putting our own self-care on the back burner.  However, what we’ve noticed from ladies who are refined and glamorous is they make the time to take care of themselves.  While we can think of any and every reason why we shouldn’t, taking care of ourselves is something that we all need to do and embrace more of.  That’s everything from going on a walk, meditating, getting your hair done…you name it.  Think of the things that you need to take care of for yourself, and start embracing them more.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
Let’s face it… it’s so easy to get caught up in the little things that happen on a daily basis.  But you know what we’ve noticed about the ladies that seem to be glamorous and refined?  They’re able to let go of the small things and not let them affect them on such a strong level.  Sure, they probably have their moments but they realize that letting all the little things get to them isn’t doing them any favors.  Instead of letting any little annoyance or bother get to you too much, find ways to let it roll off your back and go with the flow.  You’ll be much happier, and you’ll likely FEEL more refined and glamorous because there’s nothing glamorous about being in a constant tizzy.

Accept Yourself the Way You Are
We all tend to be pretty hard on ourselves, but another lesson we’ve learned from observing some of the most refined and glamorous ladies is they have a way of accepting themselves just as they are.  Sure they may have certain things they’d like to be different about their appearance, personality or otherwise but accepting yourself as you are is an incredibly powerful confidence boost.  And really, the more you’re willing to accept yourself the more likely you are to begin to make positive changes and exude glamor.  Stepping into your own power and confidence is a great lesson we can all learn, and begin to adapt to our lives to begin our journey of refinement and glamor.

Have you learned lessons from ladies who seem to exude refinement and glamor?