There’s been a huge rise in popularity with Kawaii, otherwise known as Japanese, style.  Those of us that don’t live in a Japanese influenced culture are always fascinated by their culture and beauty/style trends as they tend to be much different than those in the United States.  So in honor of our appreciation for Kawaii Style, we’re chatting about all sorts of Kawaii/Japanese influenced trends and tips this week.  Whether you’re interested in incorporating some of these tricks into your own life or just want to learn more – we’ve got some great articles in store for you all week.

On, we’re going to be talking about skin brightening tips.  Skin brightening is a huge thing in the Japanese culture – much different than the desire to be tan in the United States!  We’ll be sharing some of the tips we’ve discovered are popular to assist with skin brightening.  Skin brightening doesn’t have to be quite as extreme, but we’re going to dish all the details.

Every country and culture has its own trends that are popular, and the Japanese culture is no different.  If you want to find out what trends are popular in Japanese cultures right now you’re not going to want to miss our article on   This week we’re talking about all the latest trends in lips, hair, eyes, and nails in Japanese culture.  You may be surprised at how different (or not) the trends are from the United States!

Next up on, we’re going to be talking about the Usuisu facial.  It’s always interesting learning about all the latest skin care and beauty treatments that gain momentum.  This particular beauty treatment has quite a few people questioning it, mainly because of what the facial is created with.  It’s also known as the Geisha Facial and is originally from Japan.  If you’re wondering what exactly this facial uses to produce results, you’re going to have to come join us on for all the details!

There’s always something so fun and interesting about taking a look back at vintage styles and hairstyles.  So this week we’re going back in time to revisit vintage Japanese hairstyles on   The Japanese culture has always had incredibly amazing hairstyles regardless of the time, so taking a look back should be fun!

Next up, on, it’s all about how to style your hair like a Geisha.  If you want to embrace the Geisha hairstyle for your everyday hair, or a special occasion, we’re sharing all the details so you can accomplish this timeless hairstyle on your own – without the help of a hairstylist!

Last but certainly not least on, it’s all about Harajuku style.  We couldn’t talk about celebrating Japanese style and beauty without the mention of Harajuku!  So we’re sharing our must-know style guide for you to embrace and/or learn more about the Harajuku fashion.  It’s always fun to learn about other fashion/style trends and of course the Harajuku, or Japanese, style is no different.

We’ve got a full week ahead, so let’s get started!