Beauty, makeup, and style – oh, my!  There are so many different products, tricks, and techniques around all of these areas of our lives it can be difficult to really know what a mistake is and what’s not.  You know we’re ALL about making sure you’re making the most of your efforts when it comes to beauty, with the start of a brand new year we wanted to help you start fresh in 2017 and help you to just say no to these beauty busters.  Basically, we’re sharing some of the beauty mistakes we notice many women make, so you can start avoiding them yourself.

Not Wearing the Right Foundation Color
Foundation is a makeup product that is tricky because really finding that perfect color for you isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  However, somewhere someone started the rumor to start matching foundation to the color of the skin on the back of your hand.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the best method or technique to find a foundation color that matches your skin and really looks the best.  Typically, the best place to test foundation color is by testing it with a bare face (meaning no makeup on your skin) and applying it to your jawline.  This gives you an idea as to find a shade that matches and blends in well with your face and neck area – where the product will actually be applied.

Not Cleaning Your Brushes
Look, we get it – cleaning your makeup brushes can seem like one of those things that’s not REALLY necessary.  But the thing is…it really is necessary.  When we don’t clean our makeup brushes on a regular basis they tend to get built up with product, oil, and bacteria from our face.  If you really want to keep your skin healthy and happy, you need to start really getting serious about cleaning your brushes and applicators on a consistent basis.  Your skin will thank you, and you may notice your brushes are working and applying the product in a much more flawless way!

Applying Lip Liner to the Edge of Your Lips
We get it, lip liner is called LINER so it makes sense that we think to only apply it to the outer line or edge or your lips. However, it’s not actually the best way to utilize this type of product.  If you really want to make the most of your efforts with applying lip liner many makeup experts suggest applying a lip liner to your entire lips.  This has been found to act more as a base for your lip color that allows your product to stay on longer plus it helps avoid your lip product/color from bleeding.  Double win!

Not Applying a Primer
Priming products are highly underrated among the average makeup user, but there’s a reason that makeup experts everywhere swear by applying a primer to your eyelids and face before adding the actual color products.  Because they really make a major difference!  If you want to get a more flawless finish on your makeup and help your makeup last longer – you need to start adding priming products to your routine.