takes a look at some of the hottest hair trends for the fall, including sleek ponytails, side ponytails, and a new take on the classic French twist. We’ll talk about how to achieve the hairstyles and how to match them with different outfits to get the look you want. You’ll look on trend and stylish with a new look all fall long.

In particular, takes a look at the half bun and talk about how you can pull off the look yourself. Creating the style is easy, but we’ll give you some ideas on how to wear it a bit differently when you’re in the mood to stand out.

But we can’t leave out the men! talks about some of the hottest hairstyles for men this fall, including the man bun, braids, or short styles like the angular fringe. We’ll show you how to achieve the look and talk about fashions to pair them with. We’ll also talk about some of the sizzling hot hair trends that are sweeping the nation right now, such as mermaid hair and galaxy hair. You can express yourself in totally new ways thanks to the advances in hair color and styles that are being embraced right now.

Maybe you want to try out a whole new look for the fall, not just a new style. will give you tips for how to get the haircut you want, including how to talk to the hairdresser about the style you are trying to achieve and how to pick the right style for your hair type and face frame. Taking photos of the look you want can help, but how you communicate your desires also has a big impact.

If you know you want a cut but you aren’t sure what to get, will give you some inspiration by talking about the most flattering haircuts for every face shape. You’ll get several suggestions for your face shape to give you some ideas to think about, and you can talk to your hairdresser about the one that might work best with your hair type. will work through some of your most common hair problems, such as dry ends or frizziness. We’ll talk about how to solve these common issues so that you have the sleek and gorgeous hair you want every day.

Finally, will talk about everyday hair care for every type of hair. Whether you have dry hair, oily hair, straight hair or curly hair, we’ll let you know the best products and the best techniques to get healthy hair and to create the look you want.

It’s the latest and greatest hair tips and tricks that you can’t afford to miss!