The goth style can be incorporated into any wardrobe according to Lionesse

First Look

Let’s first look at what you might already have so that you can save some time and money, that way you can concentrate on buying the essentials. Common classic dark Goth clothing that most people have already include black jeans, black boots, a black leather jacket… I think you might notice a trend here. If you wear makeup, you might also have some dark red or black lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and nail polish that is popular with the Goth look.

Next Step

If you don’t have much black in your wardrobe, and that’s the Goth style that you are going for, it’s time to start buying black everything. If you want to go with a classier Goth look, like the Victorian Goth style, there are plenty of ways you can achieve that look as well. A velvet jacket with leather pants and a puffy Victorian style shirt in dark colors will have you looking like a Victorian king or queen in no time. For accessories, look for antique Victorian-style necklaces and earrings. Spend some time scouring the second-hand thrift shops for some of these, as they are usually chock full of clothes that you can use to build to your Goth wardrobe for a fraction of the cost of new clothes.

Pastel Goth

If dark classic Goth and Victorian Goth aren’t your styles, you might be more into the Pastel Goth look, here are some tips for you. Start with a pastel hair color, or at the very least a pastel wig or extensions. Think about Easter colors like pastel blues, yellows, greens, and purples. Take that color palette and extend it to the rest of your outfit from head to toe. Pastel Goth takes its cues from Japanese Kawaii, or “cute” style. You can mix the dark with the cute, like cartoon skeletons, unicorns, skulls, and pentacles, with bright pastels. Also, don’t be afraid to rock some black with the pastels, particularly in your makeup, accessories, and footwear. Leather boots work just as well with Pastel Goth as they do with the other styles, but if you’re adverse to black, some cool tie-dye Converse All-Stars, or pastel colored platform shoes or high heels will work great too.

Hopefully, this will get you started on a great Goth wardrobe. Take your time, and build on what you already have, and remember there’s no right or wrong, wear what makes you feel good!