a couple getting ready for date nightHave Your Outfit Ready

At least one day before date night, you need to have a heart to heart discussion with yourself and ask, “Okay, self…what do you want to wear tomorrow?” Really look through your closet and think about something you truly love, and have it ready for tomorrow. Tell yourself you won’t change it, no matter what, and that you look beautiful. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that. ‘I look beautiful’. It will make you smile, and empower you. Even though you have a million nerves running crazy, you will know that at least your clothes look fabulous.


Set a Cap on Hair and Makeup Time

Honestly, ladies – there is really no reason we should need to take three hours on our faces, and another two on our hair for any date night, ever. This is why you need to set a cap on the amount of time you are really willing to spend on fixing your face and hair. You can do a simple makeup application and hairstyle in one hour, we promise you. Think up and have the style you want to go for ready to go so that you don’t stand there like a stick in the mud asking yourself what you should do with your hair. Have it pre-planned, and go for it. You’ll be amazed at how much time that will save and allow you to focus on other things – like your mental readiness.


Prepare Yourself Mentally

Stress and anxiety can overrule your entire mental existence if you allow it to, and that shouldn’t be the epicenter of your pre-date night regimen. You can keep calm by telling yourself everything is going to be okay (cliché, but it truly works) and listening to some music that makes you happy. Dance around your house in your underwear, if you need to! Scream the lyrics of your favorite song, and have fun with it!

Realize that the date is going to go one of two ways: good or bad. Whatever happens, everything will be okay in the end. If the person you are seeing is right for you, you’ll eventually know it. And if they aren’t, you’ll know that, too. There is always someone for everyone, and finding your soul mate will happen – when it’s supposed to.


Enjoy the Ride

Whether or not things work out, enjoy every minute of it and have no regrets. The entire ‘getting-ready-for-date-night’ process should be fun, not stressful and dreaded. Take the time to enjoy the little things and remember: You’re the prettiest Princess at the ball.