Something we can all agree on is we all want healthy, beautiful skin – kind of a give-in, right?  But although we all want clear healthy skin it’s not always the easiest thing to obtain.  Of course, there are some things you can incorporate into your daily routine to give your skin that extra boost you’re looking for.

Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies, and it has a huge job.  The skin’s job is to protect our bodies and internal organs from germs entering, additionally, it has a huge influence on the immune system.  Among other functions of the skin, it’s a huge indicator to others about your health.  Many factors come into play when it comes to healthy skin, but there are some guidelines that can help the health of your skin.

Sun Protection

We’ve heard of sun protection now more than ever, with good reason.  Experts have found that too much sun exposure can cause age spots, wrinkles, and potentially even lead to the risk of skin cancer.  Try to keep the exposure to the sun to a moderate amount of time, and opt to sit in the shade as much as possible during the warmest hours of the day.  Additionally, you’ll want to be sure you always wear sunscreen.  Adding sunscreen or products that have sunscreen in them into your daily skin care routine will greatly benefit you in the long run.

Say No to Smoke

Experts have also found that on top of overdoses of sun exposure, smoke can have an effect on your skin’s health.  Smoking has a lot of risks on the health of your skin, causing premature wrinkles is a big risk.  However, smoking has also been found to damage your skin’s collagen and can affect the nutrients and oxygen.

Be Nice to Your Skin

Treating your skin with care can be a huge benefit in the long run.  We tend to be a little too rough on our skin, especially as we apply products.  It’s important to be gentle and treat your skin with care.  Throughout your skin care routine, be sure that you’re not scrubbing too hard or being too rough.  Also, make sure you know what products you’re using for your skin and opt for products that aren’t too harsh or filled with too many chemicals and are made for your skin types.  This will help your skin as time goes on.

You are What You Eat

Dieticians are often talking about what we eat and how it impacts our skin, because it’s so true!  Drinking the recommended amount of water can be huge in helping your skin have that gorgeous glow.  Additionally, just like we need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible for our weight it’s also been found to have a great impact on our skin’s appearance.  Many experts say your skin is a direct reflection of how healthy a person is on the inside – so if you don’t eat healthy, it can show on your skin.

Do any of these tips surprise you?