Ahhh the holiday season, it’s always filled with festivities and holiday cheer.  Of course with the holiday season also comes an increase in special events that you want to look your best for.  The downside is our skin tends to not behave as well as we’d like during the winter season.  With the weather changing and the increase in food and alcohol intake (hello, parties!) it’s no surprise that our skin gets a little miss behaved.  But you’re in luck this holiday season because we’ve discovered some great head to toe holiday skin prep tips to help you keep your skin check all holiday season long.

Dry Brush Your Body
Dry brushing is pretty phenomenal to get the skin ALL over your body in check.  It’s been found to really help eliminate any dead skin cells on your body, smooth your skin, get the blood circulation going AND it’s even said to help minimize the appearance of cellulite.  The key is to use a dry brush while you’re in the shower and your skin is soft and begin to use the dry brush in small circular motions and brush towards your heart.  Just be sure not to be too rough with the brush as it can cause irritation in your skin to occur.  Be gentle and take your time, get into the habit of dry brushing your entire body on a regular basis.

Moisturize, Moisturize… Did We Say Moisturize?
During the winter months our skin tends to get pretty dry because the climate tends to be much drier than it is during the spring and summer months.  That in combination with the colder temps can really wreak havoc on your skin.  The key is to make it point to keep your skin as moisturized as possible.  When our skin is dry it tends to look dull and drab, but when it’s full moisturized it has much more of a healthy glow to it naturally.  Moisturize your skin ALL over, ALL the time.  Most experts suggest using moisturizing products that are a bit thicker and creamier this time of year as your skin is going to need the extra moisturizing elements.

Treat Yourself to a Facial
Since the holiday season is filled with a lot of different special events and parties, many experts believe that to really prep your skin for a big holiday season filled with events is to kick things off with a facial.  Most of us don’t really get facials as often as we should (or would like to), but it’s the perfect time to really get your skin in check and really revamp your skin to get some radiance back.  The key is to have a chat with your facial expert to ensure that the facial that you do get is going to suit your skin’s type.  Let them know you’re there to have a facial to prep your skin for the holiday season and address any skincare concerns to help them understand what you’re looking for from your facial.