If October isn’t synonymous with Halloween, we don’t know what is!  It always seems like Halloween creeps up on us so quickly after the end of summer, but we’re just about to celebrate Halloween again.  It’s always a fun and exciting holiday because it’s so different than others with the fact that there are costumes and different types of traditions involved.  Not to mention… it’s an excuse to really go over the top with your hair, makeup, and overall look.  We love the fun elements of Halloween which is why we’re talking about Halloween ALL week long.

If you’re like so many others and still not quite sure what you’re going to dress up as for Halloween this year, don’t worry about it – we’ve got you covered!  We’re sharing Halloween costume inspirations on LionesseBeautyBar.net because we’ve all struggled to find some exciting inspiration in the past.  If you want a little help, come find some Halloween inspo with us.

Of course, Halloween is a fun reason to try some of those over-the-top makeup looks you’ve been seeing the beauty bloggers create.  If you’ve been watching some of those beauty influencers on social media create incredible makeup looks, and you’re not really sure which ‘trends’ to go with, we’re helping you narrow the ideas down.  Ready to try this year’s Halloween makeup trends?  So are we!  Find out what they are on LionesseBeautyBar.org.

One of the downsides that comes with a holiday like Halloween is the fact that there are some dangers that can arise.  We want to make sure you and your friends/ family are all safe this year which is why we’re sharing how to be safe this Halloween.  All the details are dropping on Lionesse.org – you’re sure to be safe with these tips!

No Halloween look is complete without the hair to go along with your costume and party attire.  We’re helping you get your party hair on in the spirit of Halloween on LionesseGiveaway.com this week.  We know you want to make sure that your hair is gorgeous and party-ready, so we’ve got the tips to help you achieve exactly that.

You know we couldn’t go a week without dropping some skin care knowledge for you, because we LOVE chatting skincare to help you get that gorgeous skin you desire.  If you’ve heard about using certain acids for your skin, you’re not going to miss our tips for choosing the right acids for proper skin rejuvenation.  It’s all happening on Lionesse.us this week – come join us for some great skin care tips!

We know that you’ll probably be wearing more makeup than you’re used to for Halloween, so naturally, we had to make sure you’re aware of the pitfalls of snoozing made up.  You know it’s NOT a good idea to sleep with your makeup, and even though it may be tempting to when you’re tired after partying all night, you definitely want to find out what the real pitfalls are to AVOID them yourself.  The details are going to be on LionesseGem.com this week.