We love all things beauty, hair, and style related and this week we’re in full force as we chat about all sorts of different hairstyling tips.  While we talk about hair and different beauty tips often, this week our we’re bringing you some of the best tips, tricks, and ideas.  Ready to step up your hair game to a whole new level?  Make sure you come join us all week long to get ALL the juicy hair details.

We’re kicking the chat off with oils that moisturize skin and hair on LionesseGem.com.  We’re all about multi-use products and tricks, especially when they’re good for you and your beauty routine.  Moisturizing is such an important part of our skin care and hair care routines, and we don’t all know the ways to increase the moisture in our skin and hair.

Let’s admit it… we’re always trying to find ways to look younger.  You’re in luck this week because we’re talking about haircuts that make you look younger on LionesseBeautyBar.org.  The way our hair is cut and styled definitely has an effect on how we look.  We spoke to a few experts and found some of the winning cuts to help you look younger – you’re not going to want to miss the details!

Drying your hair with a hairdryer is great, but sometimes, it is just too much. We’re diving into some of our favorite tips for air drying hair to help you make the most of it over on LionesseFlatIron.com.  There are some great ways to avoid a major poof of hair even without using a hair dryer, and we found all the best tips for you.

Bobs and baby bangs are everywhere this season, while in general, you may think you’re limited in how you can wear those hairstyles there are some really fun ways to rock them.  This week on LionesseFlatIron.org, we’re dishing on the many ways to wear bobs and baby bangs to give you a dose of inspiration for your hairstyle – and maybe even inspire you to give your hair a little chop.

It’s the middle of summer and if you haven’t already switched up your hair, you’re probably ready to.  We’re getting into summer highlighting tips on Lionesse.net.  It always feels appropriate to embrace at least a few highlights as the temps rise, but of course, we have to share our favorite tips to make sure you get the best highlights possible this summer season.

Sometimes it’s not as easy as just running a straightener through your hair to get a gorgeous straight hairstyle.  We know this, and that’s why we’re going over hair straightener styling tips to help you get the gorgeous straight hairstyle you want without continuing to feel frustrated.  It’s happening over on Lionesse.org this week!

Ready for all sorts of hairstyling tips this week?  So are we – join us all week long!