Does everything glam related ever get old?  We don’t think so.  Which is why we’re chatting up all things glam all week long!  Most women enjoy feeling a little glam on a daily basis, let’s be real – right?  There are SO many different ways you can incorporate more glam-ness into your life, and we think you deserve it.  Join us all week long as we discover and share different ways for you to look, feel and be a little more glamorous in your life.

We’re starting things off on by talking about how you can get glam in seven minutes or less.  We know you’re a busy woman and while you want to look and feel glam on the regular you don’t necessarily want to spend hours upon hours to do it.  So we’ve uncovered a few tricks and ideas to help you apply some glam makeup in minimal time.  Seriously, you’re not going to want to miss this!

Have you ever browsed through Pinterest and seen the gorgeous makeup vanities and caught yourself drooling a bit?  While some of those glam makeup vanities seem out of reach, we thought it would be fun to discuss how you can get a glam ready makeup vanity.  So we’re dishing on some fun ideas for you to try out on – because we all deserve a makeup vanity that makes us want to get our glam on.

Eyeliner is one of those things that can be tricky.  Let’s face it, we’ve spent hours and hours trying to get our eyeliner just right.  It’s just one of those things that take time to apply.  But you want to feel glam, and you want glammy eyeliner, so we rounded up a few of our must-know glammy eyeliner techniques to help you apply your eyeliner like a true glamor girl.  It’s happening over on this week!

Oh hair, it’s probably the one thing in your getting ready routine that you have a love-hate relationship with.  Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to have a good hair day.  But we want to help you feel like the glamorous queen you are, so we’re talking about some truly amazing ways to help you transform from drabby to glammy hair.  The best part is you don’t have to actually be a professional hairstylist to make it happen!  Join us on for all the details.

Doesn’t it seem like celebrities always just look amazing?  Even when they’re just heading out for a date night with their lovers, which is why we took some inspiration from them.  We’re sharing some fun celebrity inspired date night outfits, because what better time to look and feel ultra glam than on a date night with your man?  Find some inspiration for yourself at

Finally, on, we’re showing you how to get some glam on while you SLEEP.  That’s right, there are some pretty overnight hairstyles that get you glammed up while you’re getting some shut-eye.  Talk about the ultimate time saver for your mornings, right?