If you do, or ever have, dealt with blotchy skin you know it’s incredibly frustrating.  It can feel like there’s just no fix for it sometimes.  We totally understand your frustration, which is why we’re going to help you eliminate some of that frustration by sharing some of our must-know fixes for blotchy skin so you can say goodbye to that dreaded skin problem.

Eliminate Fragrances
Many experts have actually discovered that fragrances and dyes can cause irritations to arise in the skin for some users.  If you tend to be more sensitive with your skin, this could be a major factor for you.  Regardless of your skin’s sensitivity, it’s suggested to stop using moisturizers and other skincare products that have dyes in them.  It can be a really easy way to calm your skin down and start to get rid of the blotchy skin.

Be Careful of What You Eat
It’s actually been found that certain foods can cause blotchiness to occur in the skin.  Typical culprits of this are spicy food, caffeine, alcohol, and some citrus fruit.  If you find that your skin becomes blotchy or splotchy after eating or consuming any of these types of foods, you’re going to want to consider either cutting them out or at least cutting back.  Do a test on yourself and after you consume any of these types of foods take a look at how your skin reacts.  In addition, try drinking more water when consuming alcohol – this has been found to be incredibly helpful.

Protect Your Skin
Another culprit to blotchy skin is not enough sun protection.  The sun can actually cause you to obtain blotchy skin (if you haven’t noticed already).  So if you find you end up feeling blotchy anytime you’re outside, this could be a major indication that you’re not taking enough precautions for sun protection.  Make sure that you’re wearing SPF 30 sunscreen on a daily basis and applying it generously to your skin – don’t forget this isn’t just for the summer months, you need to be doing this in the fall and winter as well.

Gentle Exfoliation
While we’re big advocates of exfoliating the skin and reaping the incredible benefits that come along with exfoliating on a regular basis, it’s also been found that excessive exfoliation can cause blotchy skin to come about.  Blotchy skin can occur when you exfoliating TOO much or TOO harshly.  Remember that while you’re exfoliating you need to be gentle, and should be using exfoliating products that are gentle on your skin.  If you feel that your current exfoliating product is a little rough on your skin, it’s time to find something more gentle that will still give you the benefits but not cause any blotchy skin.