The thing about beauty and enhancing our beauty is there are so many different tips, tricks, and ideas around it.  In addition, there are a lot of beauty myths within the industry and world in general.  Since there’s a lot of confusion around what’s a fact and what’s a myth, we decided to uncover five common beauty myths to help you get on the right track in your beauty knowledge.

Pulling Out One Gray Hair Will Cause 10 More to Grow

There’s this rumor that’s been going around for years about pulling out one gray hair and 10 more popping up in its place.  Experts have debunked this myth because first of all…how are 10 more going to pop up when there’s place for just one?  It just doesn’t happen like that.  While very few of us want to get gray hair, this scare is just a scare.

Drinking Water Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated

While drinking enough water every day is important to your health in general, it’s not the determining factor that keeps your skin hydrated and from appearing too dry.  Experts have actually said oil is what keeps your skin hydrated, much more than water ever will.  That’s not to say drinking water isn’t crucial to your health and skin health, but it’s saying that drinking water alone isn’t enough to keep your skin hydrated.

You Can Get Rid of Cellulite

There are so many products and treatments that claim to help women get rid of the appearance of cellulite but experts continue to say time and time again that it’s just not possible.  While some of these products and treatments can minimize the appearance of cellulite, they won’t actually get rid of the cellulite altogether.  Because cellulite is something that’s primarily based on genetics, there’s not an actual cure or fix for it.

You Can Change the Size of Your Pores

There are countless products and treatments that claim to shrink the size of your pores, but skin care experts have come out to share that you can’t actually change the size of your pores.  The size of your pores is actually highly dependent upon your genetics.  There are products and treatments that can eliminate congestion in your pores, which can have them appearing to ‘shrink’ in size, however, they aren’t actually shrinking in size, they’re just no longer congested.  Clear pores appear smaller by default, basically.

Brushing Your Hair 100 Times Per Day Will Give You Glossy Locks

This is an old beauty myth that’s been around for a while, and it’s actually just that a myth.  Hair experts share that brushing your hair that much can be damaging to the hair follicles.  So basically… brushing your hair 100 times per day can be the reverse of glossy hair and cause damage instead.  So it’s important to find a happy medium between brushing your hair, but not so much to cause damage to the hair itself.

What’s a beauty myth you’ve heard?