Ahhh skin, it’s one of those things that most of us are constantly trying to take care of and maintain.  There are so many different skin tips out there – where does a person even start?  Well, the truth is to have gorgeous radiant skin you also need to have healthy skin.  You truly can’t have one without the other.  Do you find yourself putting on different creams and skin care products but not finding the results you really want?  It could be because of your skin’s health.  We’re diving into the essentials of healthy skin to help you get started on a healthy skin routine.

You are What You Eat

As much as most of us don’t want to admit it… our food plays a huge role in our skin’s appearance and health.  It’s really like anything else health-wise, if you eat a lot of the ‘bad’ stuff it has a ‘bad’ effect on your health.  Experts continue to link the relationship between what we eat and our skin, since our skin is the largest organ in our body, it ultimately makes sense.  However, more recently experts have linked specific types of foods to the health of our skin.  Sugar has been found to be a major culprit in our skin’s health, and not in a good way.  In addition to eating a well-balanced diet and not overdoing it on the processed sugars, drinking enough water plays a massive role in our skin’s health.  Most people don’t drink enough water and tend to be a bit dehydrated, but our skin needs water to function properly and to look even better.  Drink up!

Healthy Lifestyle

Another major essential of healthy skin that may surprise you has to do with your lifestyle.  Similar to what we eat, experts have continued to link lifestyle habits and tendencies to our skin’s health and appearance.  The two biggest lifestyle factors that play into your skin’s health are sleep and stress.  Both of these have major impacts on your health overall, so it’s only natural that they also affect your skin’s health.  Essentially, when we sleep our body works to repair itself so when we don’t get enough sleep our body isn’t able to go through the healing and repairing process.  In turn, when we’re under a lot of stress, our body is put into a panic mode of sorts and also tends to not function at an optimal level.

Get into a Routine

The last essential (but certainly not any less important) is getting into a true and consistent skin care routine.  Making it a habit to cleanse and moisturize (at the minimum) will provide lasting results and really help keep your skin in a more healthy state.  Your skin care routine doesn’t have to take hours to accomplish, but you do need to take the time to go through a routine daily.  It’s not something you can just skip out on regularly and expect to see results.

What’s one essential of healthy skin you live by?