Do you ever just wish you could wake up with clear skin?  Don’t we all!  But truthfully, it doesn’t have to be all that difficult to achieve.  If you’re ready for clear skin when you wake up you’re in the right place, because we’ve got some great tips for you.

Get into a Healthy Sleep Routine

You probably didn’t expect us to come to you with actual sleeping tips, did you?  But the truth is, there are so many incredible benefits for your skin in relationship to your sleeping habits.  If you really want to wake up with clear skin you’re going to have to get into a healthy sleeping routine.  That means getting out of that nasty habit of staying up all night scrolling through social media or watching tv!  Seriously, your skin does a lot of rejuvenating and healing when your body is asleep so when you don’t get enough, your skin isn’t getting that opportunity.  That’s why you probably notice your skin starts to look dull and not so great when you haven’t been getting enough sleep.


Ok we know, this is so much easier said than done but we’re serious here!  Just like it’s been found that lack of sleep can negatively affect your skin, research has also shown too much stress can do the same thing.  Experts suggest you get into the habit of winding down and really getting to a more relaxed state of mind before heading to bed.  Your skin goes into a defense type of mode when you’re stressed, so teaching your body to relax is crucial to allow your skin to become clearer.  Doing things like meditation or other activities that relax you can be incredibly beneficial in getting you more relaxed.

Don’t Skip Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine!

We get it, after a long day, it can feel like so much work to go through your whole skincare routine before heading to bed.  Sure it’s EASIER to just plop down into bed and catch some zzz’, but your skin is going to go haywire if you keep up that kind of habit.  No matter how tired you are, it’s a must to take off all your makeup and go through your chosen skin care routine before going to bed.  In addition to just going through your skin care routine, make sure you’re not just rushing through it to get it done.  Cleansing your skin, exfoliating and moisturizing before going to bed is a great opportunity to really take your time to go through each step thoroughly and treat your skin kindly.  Since you’ve been out and around all day, your skin becomes exposed to so many elements it’s really the time to get as much of that ‘stuff’ off your skin as you can.

While there are other ways for you to have clear skin when you wake up, these are some of our favorite tips that we know anyone can live by.

What do you to do wake up to clear skin?