There’s something inside all of us that rings on the side of being a drama queen.  It’s ok…we all have moments, some more than others!  This week we’re all about drama queens.  We’re sharing all sorts of different topics drama queen related, some might say we’re celebrating the drama queens of the world.  Intrigued?

On we’re diving into selfie induced squinting.  You know that squinting face so many of us make when taking selfies?  Well, it’s becoming known as the selfie wrinkle.  Not sure what we mean?  You’re not going to want to miss out on all the details, we all want to look great in our selfies but we don’t want wrinkles so we have all the must-know info to share with you.

Next up we’re talking about adding a little bit of drama… to your hair!  No chat about drama queens would be complete without a little hair talk, right?  Specifically, we’re chatting about going for the big chop hairstyle on  There’s recently been an increase in some of our favorite celebs going for the big hair chop.  Naturally, it adds a little drama – so we’re all about it!

Want to look like a model?  Don’t we all!  Well, on we’re sharing ALL the juicy secrets and hacks to help YOU get your inner model look on.  Your favorite models have their own little beauty secrets but they’re not so secret anymore.  We’ve got some of their beauty secrets and of course, we’re sharing them with you – so we can all look and feel like a model in our everyday lives.  Because why should supermodels be the only ones?!

Flashy lip art, is quickly becoming a ‘thing.’  Since the rise in popularity of Instagram and beauty blogs, there have been more and more beauty trends that at first seem a bit out there but quickly rise to become a trend.  Flashy lip art is one of those trends.  Since lip art, in general, is quite a dramatic look, it’s only fitting we share some of our favorite flashy nail art tips for all our gorgeous drama queens!  Find out all the details at

Let’s face it, half the fun of working out is having a cute outfit to work out in.  Luckily, brands are realizing we want fun, funky workout gear and we have more options now than ever before.  So on, we’re talking about stylish workout “fits” to make sure you’re looking great and stylish even at the gym!  Because who doesn’t want a little extra boost of fun when you’re at the gym?  Especially if you don’t LOVE working out – at least you can have cute, stylish outfits!

Of course, we couldn’t go through a drama queen themed week without going into our favorite television drama queens.  They’re the ones some of us get our drama queen inspiration from, so we had to dedicate a post to them!  We’re going over our favorites on