Beauty advice is something that’s more readily available in today’s world than ever before. You can quickly jump on almost any social media platform and be exposed to a vast selection of beauty tips, tricks, and advice about pretty much any beauty topic. While we love that we’re able to reach so many different information sources around the topic of beauty, thanks to the internet, we also realize that there’s some not so great advice floating around as well. We want to help ensure that you’re getting the best advice possible, so we’re sharing some tips so you don’t fall for bad beauty advice moving forward.

Like we said, there’s a lot of different sources you’re able to get beauty advice from in today’s world. So what really differentiates good beauty advice from bad beauty advice? Well for starters, we encourage you to be sure to follow beauty advice from a trusted source. While there are a ton of people who have tried and tested beauty advice themselves, you want to be sure you’re looking to a source that’s eager to give you the information – not just spew information at you. We’ve found that because there’s a wide range of beauty advice available, some sources are looking to give you advice that’s not necessarily going to work – but it will grab your attention.

We encourage you to look for sources that are giving advice on different specific needs, rather than always being general. Since beauty and skin care are so individualized, seeking out the beauty advice of sources that realize that it’s individual and specific for every person is important to ensure that you don’t fall for bad beauty advice. If you’ve been following us for a while you know we try to cover our bases when it comes to beauty advice and sharing tips for different skin types, hair types, and otherwise. This is a key factor to look for so you don’t fall into any bad beauty advice tips yourself. Since not every beauty tip and trick is going to work for you, make sure those that you’re learning from and following realize that and are open about the fact that not everyone’s skin/hair/color/etc. is the same.

Of course, we can’t forget to mention that when it comes to beauty advice and not falling for ‘bad’ beauty advice you realize that some rules are meant to be broken, and you don’t have to follow every single piece of advice you hear. The great part about beauty, in general, is you’re able to adapt and try whatever tips you resonate with the most. Keeping an open mind when it comes to the beauty advice you read and are exposed to is an essential part of not falling for bad advice. Meaning, if you read some beauty advice and think it’s just too much or not realistic for you, your own beauty routine or lifestyle – don’t feel obligated to incorporate it into your beauty regimen.

Have you gotten some bad beauty advice in the past?