Day to Night makeup lookBefore we begin, you need to realize that the secret behind successful transitions in terms of your makeup is to ensure that your day look is as minimalistic as possible. This helps you to move faster and get the perfect night look with the least number of changes. Read on for easy tips to transition from day to night

Clean up

One of the first things that you need to do when switching from day to night makeup is to erase the damage caused to your skin throughout the day. The best way to do this is to wipe away the smeared eye makeup, touch-up the concealer and foundation and use blotting paper to remove excess oils.

Glam up your eyes

Make your eyes the main point of focus at a party to get a glam look. Simply apply a darker shade of makeup or simply apply a few more coats of the color you’re wearing since morning to enhance the look. A metallic eyeshadow will also work wonders in transforming your looks. Some of the colors that you should look out for include aqua blue, purple, silver and platinum. Lining the inner eye and bottom rim of eyes with white or nude can help you to get rid of that tired look that has been haunting you since evening. For something even more dramatic, think about putting on some fake eyelashes. 

Skip the blush 

Blush might be an integral part of your makeup during the day, but it’s not really required at night. Your blood circulation should be functioning properly in the evenings and you should already boast of a natural rosy tinge. Instead of wasting time with the blush, concentrate on highlighting your cheekbones, forehead and neck using some shimmer powder. If you plan to wear a strapless or low neck dress, don’t forget to apply some shimmer powder on your cleavage area as well.

Bright lips are the way to go 

To look glamorous, you need to feel glamorous. And what better way to feel glamorous than to brighten up your lips. The best way to go about this is to use a color that is a few shades darker than your natural lip color. Top off the color with some high shine lip gloss and you’re set for the night.

Day and night makeup styles that make the transition easier

Go for a dewy look during the daytime and make the transition to night a snap. To get that perfect natural look, apply some eyeliner and mascara on your lashes and upper lids only. Use a brush to line the upper lids in black. Don’t forget to sweep a light shadow up to the crease. Finally, complete your look with some lip gloss and soft blush. Parties call for a more defined look. Up your glam factor using some extra mascara strokes and deep bronze eyeshadows. Don’t leave it at your upper lids. Line your lower lids and apply some lengthening mascara on the lower lashes too. Finally, complete the look with bright looking lips, highlighted cheekbones and shimmer powder