There’s something about dancing that all cultures embrace and celebrate.  Dance has been something that’s been appreciated for thousands of years and continues to hold appreciation even today.  There are so many different ways that dance is celebrated and appreciated, with so many different forms of dancing and so many aspects to the world of dance, it really spans over a vast variety of elements and cultures.

This week on, we’re going to be talking about the importance of dance education.  There are so many incredible educational programs and offerings that provide more formal education on the world of dance.  There are many reasons why education in dance is so important, dancers have often been known for their structure and abilities.  A lot of these skills dancers acquire come from their dance education.

It’s definitely no secret dancers have been known to have incredible bodies.  Since this week is all about dance, it was natural we take some time to share a few of the secrets to a dancer’s body.  We’re all curious how they achieve these amazing physiques, well so you don’t have to do research, we’ve done it for you to unveil some of the secret’s we’ve discovered over on

Probably one of the most popular forms of dance is ballet.  Ballet has been a sought-after form of dance for many, many years.  On, we’re going to be breaking down the five positions and postures of ballet, to share the ballet basics with you.  If you’re not familiar with ballet, and you’re interested in learning some of the basics of the dance you’re not going to want to miss these details.

On, we’re going to go into detail about a different part of a dancer’s life.  Their hair!  All dancers have always been into their hair, so it only made sense for us to share how to create a dancer’s hair kit.  There are some definite must-have items every dancer needs in her hair kit and so you no longer have to keep guessing we’re going to be sharing all the details for you.

Prince was an icon in so many ways, between his forward-thinking music, his spirituality, and the way he dressed he was like no one else.  Prince was definitely breaking down boundaries when it came to his style and he had a major influence on hair, fashion, and music.  On, we’re going to share some of the ways Prince’s style influenced our culture, and how he’ll always be remembered.

Finally, on, we’re sharing our favorite tips for achieving easy dance recital makeup.  Since dancers are known for their makeup, we decided to share some ways to achieve a dancer-worthy makeup look without the major hassle or overwhelm that can come along with it.  You can definitely achieve dancer-style makeup, easily!  We promise.  So if you’re looking for some ways to create an easy makeup look for dance, be sure you check in on these tips!