Confidence, especially body confidence, is a big struggle for so many of us.  It can definitely be difficult to find it within yourself to really feel confident in your own skin.  Sure we hear our favorite celebrities talking about celebrating the skin you’re in, but it seems easy to hear them talk about and much harder to actually apply to our own lives.  But the truth is, we all have something to feel confident about within ourselves – seriously!  We don’t give ourselves nearly enough credit, to say the very least.  This week we’re helping you celebrate body confidence because we all need to find a little more!

It always seems like skin problems arise at the worst possible times… seriously what’s the deal with that?  But look, even though some skin problems happen at what often feels like the worst time doesn’t mean there aren’t remedies!  We’re talking skin crisis averted – meaning we’re sharing some remedies for common skin problems that spring on us at the worst timing.  Find out the details on – so you can eliminate your skin crises in the future.

You may have noticed that there’s been a big spike, or revolution if you will, in body confidence among women.  It seems like more and more celebrities and public figures are putting more emphasis on celebrating women and their bodies, and we’re loving it – it’s about time, isn’t it?

Since sites like Pinterest have become popular, it seems like we’re exposed to more inspirational quotes than we were in past years.  Quotes are something that many people find reassuring and inspirational to use and look at in their daily lives.  If you’re one of those people, or you just need a little does of inspiration yourself join us on this week as we share quotes that inspire body confidence.

Teens have it really hard, it’s always been difficult going through your teen years but it’s really become even more difficult since the rise of social media.  It can be so difficult to understand and even develop confidence as a teen growing up.  We’re going to chat about helping teens build self-confidence and self-esteem on  If you have a teen in your life, you’re definitely going to want to join us for this.

Have you heard the relationship between exercise and feeling happier?  Well, there’s been a major connection made between the two, exercise is really a two-fold type of experience.  Not only do you feel happier but you’re able to work towards being healthier and even making adjustments to your body.  Join us on this week to find out how exercise can make you happy!

Ever realize how you feel different when you wear different colors?  Well, there’s a reason behind that!  There’s been a ton of different research on color psychology done by experts, you’d probably be surprised.  But since we’re all about body confidence this week, we’re sharing colors to boost your confidence to help you use color to feel more confident.  We’re dishing those tips on