Growing up, your parents or family members may have encouraged you to get to bed early to get your beauty sleep.  As we get older, we start to appreciate beauty sleep more and more and it starts to mean more than just sleep.  We also start to regret all those naps we didn’t take when we were growing up because now it’s quite difficult to actually get a real nap.  Regardless, we’re chatting about beauty sleep all week long and getting you some information and inspiration around the topic.  Will you join us?

We’re kicking things off on as we discuss how to find your inner sleeping beauty.  Do you ever wish you could sleep like Sleeping Beauty in the movie?  We’ve all probably thought about it at least once in our lives.  Although we can’t necessarily be a Disney Princesses to get sleep, we do think it’s important that you get your beauty rest… like for real.  So we’re sharing some tips for getting beauty rest!

Ever wish you could lose weight while you sleep?  Well… we’re actually going to be talking about how you might actually be able to make that a reality!  On, we’re going to go through some of the ways that people have discovered you can actually lose weight while you’re getting your much-needed beauty sleep.

If you’re a new mom, or soon to be new mom, you may be experiencing very little sleep.  Since we know beauty sleep and sleep in general, is so important to everyone’s health, we’re talking about how to get sleep filled nights as a new mom on  There are some tips experts suggest applying to help you get more sleep, even as a new mom – you’re not going to want to miss these!

Do you go to sleep and wake up feeling like your hair is a total wreck?  We want you AND your hair to get the best beauty sleep possible, so we’re sharing the best hairstyles for sleeping.  The tips and suggestions are happening over on  We promise, they’re not complicated hairstyles either!

If you didn’t already realize how important sleep is to your health, it is, AND it’s super important to your skin’s recovery.  Our skin actually works to repair itself while we sleep – hence the phrase beauty sleep.  Which is why we’re sharing sleep and skin recovery information over on this week because we want to make sure you’re prepared and informed about this incredibly important topic.

You’ve probably heard all about applying skin care products to your skin prior to heading to bed at night, we have so many different skin care products now it’s hard not to hear about it.  But there are a few things coming out about bare skin sleeping, so naturally, we had to address it and get you all the information on this new way of looking at our skin.  We’ll be chatting about it on this week!