The beauty industry is constantly evolving and changing, it can be difficult to keep up at times.  With things always on the rise, and new techniques keep popping up every day, it’s easy to lose sight of what we should actually believe and what we shouldn’t.  Like any industry in the world, there are facts and myths within everything.  So this week we’re talking all about beauty tips and myths, to help set the records straight.

We’ve all dealt with pesky blackheads that just never seem to go away easily, so we’re starting things off on with blackhead beauty hacks.  Luckily for us, there are some great ways to eliminate blackheads fairly easily – without causing damage to your skin.  There are so many different blackhead ‘treatments’, we thought it was time we make it easy for you!

Next, we’re going to get into pimples… oh how frustrating they are!  Again, we’ve all had to deal with pimples at different points in our lives and when we have them, it seems like NOTHING actually helps them heal quicker – even those products that claim to.  But there’s always been this tip to use toothpaste for pimples to help them heal quicker.  We’re going to dive deep into this beauty tip, to find out once and for all if it actually works.  Because let’s face it… we’ve all wondered if it really can be that easy to eliminate a pimple.  Join us on for all the details.

We couldn’t talk about beauty without mentioning makeup tips, there are so many intense makeup applications and techniques for scouring the internet and across social media.  But what about those ladies that are beginners to makeup?  We’re going to share some of our favorite makeup tips for beginners on  Because truthfully, makeup doesn’t have to be difficult or overly time-consuming. So if you’re a newbie to the makeup world (or feel like one), don’t miss our must-know tips this week!

Skin care is, naturally, a major part of the beauty industry.  It’s likely you can’t even count how many times you’ve heard or read that cleansing your face is crucial to proper skin care.  However, there’s a lot of confusion around exactly how many times we should be washing our face in a day.  Is more really better?  Can we wash our face too often?  We’re going to go into all the details on when it’s time to wash your face, and how often, on

Women everywhere are kind of… obsessed with lip products.  Whether it is lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm, it’s almost an addiction for women everywhere.  But is it actually an addiction and should we be worried?  We’re going to take a deeper look at the lip balm addiction, and help you figure out if you’re dealing with this addiction yourself!  Join us on for all the details.

Beauty and energy go hand-in-hand… well we think it does!  Coffee and caffeine are a daily must-have for women, and men, everywhere.  There’s likely a coffee shop on multiple corners of your hometown.  There’s always been a lot of debate on whether or not a caffeine boost is healthy or not, but there haven’t been as many negative side effects as some people make it out to be.  We’re going to chat about a caffeine boost being OK, and help you justify those daily coffee runs on